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Discussion in 'Rune Ideas and Suggestions' started by zenadel, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. zenadel

    zenadel The King of Potatoes

    Now I'll make new life or death or both or whatever :p.

    This fellow from UD is elemental/construct. There are many constructs I know, but not a one in UD
    (FW have one). Class is brute so he will like some ale. It is fire friendly unit and have Physical attack so is nice.
    BUT mainly he is a THROWER so he have throw champion ability on base. Great skill for faster font obtain.
    Upgrades are matched for fire volatility combos, but he have immunity fire too so it can be totally changed.
    For disadventage I put weighty for not walking too much with fire volatility :D and all this stuff.
    In runeditor nora cost is about 69 nora so for me its perfect. What do you think is it OP?
  2. zenadel

    zenadel The King of Potatoes

    It's fire tinkerer demon/construct. Core unit as I think in UD construct theme. No attack skills on base but in upgrade 1 tier. Fire acolyte/fire feed/resilient
    in second upgrade tier. On base there are build em tough/mason1/grant lay trap fire. Nora cost of unit is about 70 nora.

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