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  1. davre
    SL is a really good faction to learn when you are starting out. I really recommend building a skeezick deck to start because it is a solid 'midrange' kind of deck that will teach you a lot of fundamentals and you can build a solid deck at any price point you choose.
    Feb 13, 2017
  2. MaruXV
    when you are at the beginning, you lose with almost everything^^ thats why you need to play what you like, so you dont get bored and still have fun while losing
    Feb 13, 2017
  3. Dolcebrodude
    Have to second davre here, SL champion's sturdiness makes positioning mistakes more forgiving. Skeezick are notable as being a theme you can build with Rare and below rarity runes only and win a lot of games. And while you are learning, Skeezick are very straightforward and have a strong and obvious synergy where more guys = more power. And when they die just deploy more!
    Feb 14, 2017
  4. edmek55555
    I agree with maru, only play what you find interesting or else the game won't be enjoyable.

    That being said, try to make sure your cards have synergy in some way, be it races that interact well, classes, or abilities that work together. Having a bunch of random champs normally wont win you games.

    Also, prioritize deploying champs over all else, only play spells when they will have a big impact
    Feb 14, 2017
  5. Markoth
    I dont agree with any of them. Play IS
    Feb 14, 2017
  6. edmek55555
    That also works. Even the devs and and splash screens admit IS is OP lol
    Feb 14, 2017