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  1. Burcho

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    Reaching the achievements gives a nice amount of runes, including exo - legendaries from the core releases. Poxbox doesn't give you much value for them so here can you trade 1:1 exo and 1:1 legendary (banner only for banner).

    Just post your trade here and I'll fill it with the requested exo/leg.
    Donations are welcome and if you want the number of exos/leg will be noted here so at any point you can withdraw the same amount of exo/leg again.

    Max stock per rune: 10 (I'll occasionally shard runes to make room for new trades)

    Stock updated 11/07/2016

    Current stock:

    Leg Banners:

    Elsarin Vex 10
    Ironfist Standard 7
    Mark of Sheoul 10
    Pride of K'thir 10
    Provincial Marker 4
    Spirit Altar 3
    Sundered Warbanner 4
    Tribal post 7

    Leg Diplomats and others:
    Arctic Delegate 1
    Draksar Consulate 3
    Firk Diplomat 0
    Ironfist Minister 3
    Nefari Messenger 9
    Octopi Helm 2
    Spectral Emissary 1
    Thorn Collection 10
    Voil Courier 1
    Woodland Diplomat 10

    Aquatic Talisman
    Blinding reflection 1
    Crown of Corruption 2
    Dark Knight 5
    Deep Elf Fanatic 8
    Demolition team 5
    Divine Dispersal 8
    Dirge, Moga Lord 4
    Domination 3
    Dragon Skull 5
    Draksar Lord 2
    Draksar Shifter 0
    Dwarven King 3
    Elder Garu 10
    Elemental Warstaff 2
    Elven Strategist 7
    Ethereal Priestess 4
    Forbidden Fruit 2
    Forge Hammer
    Frenzied Pirahnid 1
    G'hern Tyrant 8
    Grimlic 10
    Grimlics Mirror 10
    Groble Rock Eater 3
    Helm of Chaos 7
    Idol of Elements 3
    Ironfist Paladin 1
    Jakei Elder 1
    Jakei Frost Queen
    Kartch, Finlord 0
    K'lzik 10
    Lich King 1
    Menalaus 10
    Mindslicer Obelisk 10
    Moga Hunters 1
    Nora Freeze 2
    Retribution 8
    Sheoul Demon 4
    Skeezick General 1
    Spirit Singer 9
    Strength in Numbers 4
    Talgar Ironfist 5
    Tide Master
    Tome of Hate 3
    Tormented Priest 0
    Tracker Gnark 4
    Traitorous Helm 10
    Unholy Tomb
    Vindrax 4
    Voodoo Shamfie 2
    Xulos, Undead Sage 3
    Yeti Berserker 3

    (): going out current trades
    (*): coming in current trades

    donations by:
    xLeadrZx 6 exo
    h0spy 10 exo, 2 banners (including Juya White-Eyes, not core)
    Alkioneus 2 exo, 1 banner (including darkmarsh witch, not core)
    Srinshee 1 exo, 4 banners
    Shivanic 1 banner (was 2)
    Felixyr 1 banner (was 2)
    Devildoc 1 exo
    Lushiris 9 exo, 3 leg
    RedDevil 1 banner
    darklord48 1 leg
    MuckMaster 1 banner
    Mahjinbu 1 banner (bambino forum name)[/s]
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  3. Vote Kanye 2020

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  4. GabrielQ

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    I can sticky and clean this thread of useless posts from time to time if you want.
  5. ShionNR

    ShionNR I need me some PIE!

    Can I trade in legs for exos? Or do you prefer not to avoid confusion?
  6. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    What trade did you have in mind? (I don't want to get stuck with 0 exos and 80 warbanners, so I'd need a way to convert them back into exos.)
  7. Alkioneus

    Alkioneus I need me some PIE!

  8. ShionNR

    ShionNR I need me some PIE!

    I was planning to offer Draksar warbanner and Consulate for Kartch and idk what else, Menalaus maybe.
  9. Ishalia

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  10. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

  11. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    I'll accept that. I don't have a SL warbanner yet nor a spare diplomat.
  12. ShionNR

    ShionNR I need me some PIE!

  13. TinyPickle

    TinyPickle The King of Potatoes

    Trading a UD banner in for mena.
  14. avichaif

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  15. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    I prefered to keep a better variety, but as your proposal was not against the rules, I accepted. This thread is more oriented to players with a less abundant amount of runes as you have. But who knows some new players are really looking for those spirit altars...
  16. srinshee

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  17. igorotyra

    igorotyra New Member

    Hi, nice to see that my warstaff goes out so fast :D
    Well I am new player and looking for spirit altar but... I've got only IS std for exchange, unfortunately u already got 2 here :(
    giving link in case of mercy

    Edit: ... sorry xD. Thanks.
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  18. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    made a bid, but please for next time, link to your own trades, not the person posting above you :p
  19. srinshee

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  20. srinshee

    srinshee Well-Known Member

    yep thanks...that was fast... :)

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