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  2. Etherielin

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    Impervious Spell in IS shows the cast animation. The only offenders are champions with divine shield and Rallying Banner.
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    Incoming ban requests for everything
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    Oooooo a new gif to add to my collection. I dub it "Nam-cat"
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    Since it's not likely to get a proper fix anytime soon maybe there's some kind of workaround. Would it be possible to repurpose an existing sound effect to go off when you hit something with impervious? Assuming adding a new sound asset is too much of headache? I mean Ideally I would like it to sound like this . but with some real gusto behind it.
  6. Etherielin

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    Every source of impervious in the game costs 3 AP to use or comes from a very specific champion that's known for giving impervious. The spell in IS that gives impervious has an animation and there's also the combat log. I genuinely don't see an issue.
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    I agree with Dmr on this one. There is barely any indicator when something uses an ability that is invisible that there is a loss of AP. When I'm looking at the rest of the board, and there is no animation, I assume there was no change in play. Or even if there was a sound, that would help.
  8. MrCharles

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    Have you tried turning up the volume? I too used to play on mute...then one day...I realized I didn't have to. Hope this helps.
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  9. Voidtrain

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    Well, ignoring Dmr complaint about refusing to use sound, there actually isnt a sound for the ability. I would be very happy of there was though.
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  12. Cydna

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    Damn, y'all need to let me know when you guys are playing cause whenever I've used impervious my opponent knows :/
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    Agree, I literally uninstalled poxnora for falling for this 2 games in row, and twice in the second game because I was unfamiliar with Jellebrium Nexus. Impervious is to strong of an ability to have no visual or audio effect. About 60% of the time I am playing pox nora I am doing other things while my opponent drains every second of their 2 min turn.

    The condition pox nora is in is unprofessional. I do not want to have to log into this website for chat, this website for trade, this web site for ability search, and download load a client that still has numerous visual and audio bugs to play a game. Every attempt to streamline pox nora seems to break it apart further, and every patch creates unforeseen bugs. Then the dog team goes months without addressing bugs, while only making announcements for other new games they are working on.

    The community care so much for this game and when we complain dog just looks at us a shrugs like; ya I dunno. Or even more insultingly soon (TM). You even have community members writing add on's to pox nora in their free time, for free just to try to keep this game going.

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  14. Ballballer

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    I've really never been big on doomcalling, but here it's obvious man. Think about it from DOG's perspective. They sunk a bunch of money into this game by building a new client and it failed. So they have two options, keep pouring money into it to try and double down on their initial gamble, or cut their losses by barely maintaining it and look forward to other projects. Pox isn't their only game, so it's obvious which path they chose. They don't have the capital to risk a bunch of money on Poxnora (when putting money into Pox already failed with the new client), when they could put that money into other games and get a better and more stable return. As much as we might cry "But the community is loyal! Build a better game and everybody will come back and spend money," it's just not worth it from their cost/benefit analysis. Way too risky with no promise of results.

    So enjoy the game as it is, or don't. But don't stress about it or get worked up. Think of it as a gift that you get to keep playing, or find something else to play.
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    Poxnora is an old dog, we all know what happens to old dogs.

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    they learn new tricks?
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    They Bane Shift on the carpet when youre at work.
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    Oi! I will have you know I was extremely intoxicated for that fight and was going to lose anyways.. At least I gave it a good try first! You didn't see the one where we played for 30 mins or so lol.
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    What have you done with the REAL @Ballballer and why have you chosen to hack into his account?

    Kidding aside, the absolute BEST EVER doomsday spill I've ever read... 10/10 would share with my grandma...
    Excellent post dude
  20. Nastyhobo

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    Pfft yaaa, I've played that fool loads of times man. He ain't so tough. I could whoop @TinyDragon any day any map and he knows it..!

    Just as long as he plays a bad bg and goes easy on me because I'm not very good.. :(

    Although I will say I have played him plenty of times and it kind of goes either way most of the time if I'm taking it seriously.

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