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Discussion in 'Sundered Lands' started by fattyy2k, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!


    What I built. Does pretty good so far.
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  2. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    Yeah I am gonna try enslave. I know its a good spell but just havent messed with it.

    This is my new version, untested

    I actually did like 2 other variants before v10, but this is what I am going forward with. My theory right now is that the sandspitters will fill the role of the myx while transitioning to support more reliably with sirrocco and sand spray. Also the sprays help get around the evasive type of defenses. With my luck I will face a deck that will spam those so we will se :p Trying out the market over the phalanx marker mostly to get assault on my frontline beaters where my main damage is.
  3. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    Slightly edited.

    Intent is to be better capable of facing off hard aggro. 2nd Sand Ele for early game consistency, Explorer as cheapster for extra board presence with when needed + sand veil (+ detection), one of the Sandstalker Lords with Veil & Camouflage at 75 nora. Sand relic also for situations where Sandclaw needs some sand going in solo font harassing scenarios.

    This is definitely a tier 1 deck. It just sometimes has tough matchups where you need to really have your deploy order correct to fend off the aggro assault. Though it's also certainly very good at keeping up pressure itself just due to nora curve and the buffs & debuffs. All depends essentially on draw and map and establishing the most advantegous deploy order.

    Your deck lacks Sandsnipes and Sandstorms (which is too good with spellsurge). They're the best range unit in SL along with S Spitter, and at 72 nora for desert camo, precision and scour 2, it's basically a bargain.
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  4. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    Can you walk me through how this version plays? You are certainly a better player than me, so you will have a better insight. Also, why no dunewalkers?
  5. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    What do you want me to walk through exactly? There are lot of aspects to playing, so better I think to be specific in what you find trouble in (e.g.: deploy order, spell vs. deploys, setup etc.). Tight on space for Dunewalkers. Manticore is just a hyper efficient swiss knife unit for the spellsurge, and interacts terrifically with transfer life + sandstorm. If he was cheaper I'd use him as a sand veil unit, but with all the sand going on from the other essential units, he sadly seems superfluous. His ripples and grant kit make him more of a support unit, while his U1 makes him fit for being a front liner. An identity crisis of sorts, being mediocre at both roles compared to other champs, he's only worthwhile I think in Draksar Sand.
  6. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    I have frequently used him for his grant, throwing domain on U1 for the mobility.

    you say it’s a tier 1 deck, but how have you faired against tortuns and IS in general
  7. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    OK so I made a couple modification and actually based my core off of your build.

    I havent gotten many games in yet but the results have actually been really good! The legion standard still has been needed to counter stuff that needs iron will (saved me against a morrigan). I was reluctant to put the sandstorms back in after I initially took them out, but actually they have been performing really well. I forgot how big the AOE was and it have been great to also destealth enemies. The sentry still is proving too usefule to take out along with the dunewalker. Each time I have him out to be giving tunnel has been amazing.

    To be clear I have had 2 games since building into this. One was against StankHo with a FF UD BG and the second was against SpoiledDoomer with a FF vampires. I do not know the consistency I want on my ranged champs as I am honestly really liking all 4 between the sandsnipe, sandspitter, Wylder, and sand ele. I guess I need more games to tell where I really like the ratios
  8. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    Beaten everything with it with relative ease. Only troublesome matchup is probably KF with illuminate, but even then more than bearable due to their early game low dmg.
  9. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    I would love to see you play it sometime. That’s for the suggestions. I am trying to learn the game better at the same time as learning this theme better so I appreciate your feedback.
  10. fattyy2k

    fattyy2k I need me some PIE!

    So after multiple games I have settled into this as the stable version until the meta changes:
    The sandclaws are providing a lot of value through cheap threat with good durability.
    The mantacore are one of the best ways to stall and opponent or lock one down to get picked apart by the ranged options. Add in the sandstorm synergy and he has been a great champ.
    Sandkips have proven situational, but still good. I am playing them less and less, but their kit is undeniably valuable.
    Sandsnipes are proving to be t he best ranged option with scour, running desert camo (thanks for the suggestion Alakhami). Precision messes with a lot of runes.
    Sand ele is a great early drop to contest mid font. I am not finding I want to deploy him later into the game as his value drops off, but I like the 1x.
    Sandspitter is a good ranged harasser that quickly shifts to a support role.
    Dustdevil is still really good even after his nerf, but not as strong. he can still change the game when used right.
    Sandstalker Lords are the premier tanke that can still be a threat with desert master. Running both with desert camo to maximize the tankiness
    I still adore the Skeezik Wylders and their stun is invaluable. Great target for the Legion Standard too if needed.
    Imperator is better than I anticipated. I run sandstriker and lightning storm as they synergize well and keeps him relevant as a melee attacker. I am considering dropping a sandkip for a second of these.
    Valdaci Tracker has been a subtle mvp at times. He provides flexible detection as well as one of the best anti armor effects in the game, Illuminated. I prefer to give the equipment to the Sandspitters as they have the best range, but also is useful on the sand ele since his detection then will be towards the frontline.
    All spellcs, relics, and equips have been useful at various times.

    I tend to use the sand generator with the scorpion as that allows him to be a very good side-font harasser.
    The mantel useually goes onto the scorpion or the sandstalker lord, but can be put in a variety of spots such as on the imperator.
    Legion is to counter specific decks I see usually using anti-attack cheese. This is things like combining intimidate, majestic, righteous deflection, arrow eater, etc. It usually goes onto a ranged champ, preferably the wylders as they are still close enough to the rest of the champs to be relevant.

    I will update the main post shortly with other details such as deplot order

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