Any Plans for an UD Update?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vipoid, Sep 10, 2023.

  1. vipoid

    vipoid I need me some PIE!

    Earlier this year, we had a (roughly) once-a-month update, with each one focussing on a different faction.

    However, I can't help but notice that UD seems to have been missed.

    Just wondered if there are any plans for an UD update or if it's not considered necessary for some reason?
  2. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    UD has already been updated - I've simply been so swamped with work that I cannot maintain the presence needed for the forums. The patchnotes for UD were posted on Steam boards a long time ago.
  3. vipoid

    vipoid I need me some PIE!

    Ah, fair enough.

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