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    Arctic Wail, why is this not used more often? I myself prefer it as one of my wild runes. I know most relics have more than 15hp now-a-days however, the global -2 def for 2 turns is worth it imho. Cast before power turn, spot any relic traps, then hammer away.
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  2. chickenpox2

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    if i remember right didn't ST avatar/shrine in the beginning used to have arctic wail ?
  3. calisk

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    st shrine has largely remained the same since the beginning.
  4. chickenpox2

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    i'm pretty sure cause i joined during octipii i remember it having arctic wail
  5. Xirone

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    Not that I remember either.
  6. Xirone

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    It is close to being good but I think other spells win out for a coveted spot in decks.
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    To my knowledge there are just not enough relics that would make using Arctic Wail worthwhile. Many have enough HP to survive a Wail and the few stealthed ones are usually placed in more or less obvious positions (stuff contesting fonts). I guess land mines might be an exception to that.. but eh..
    .. .. ..
    When it comes to "power turns" there are just much better options out there. The -2 DEF being global usually matters very little since you are likely going to focus your attack on a much smaller area. Like when you are looking at one-rounding a champion you'd have to hit a Wail-debuffed champion 6 times to get the damage of an Ice Storm out of it. It's possible, but unlikely. Then you have to factor in that Ice Storm is likely hitting more than one enemy while also giving you some sort of buff to damage if you are going to engage with melee things after Ice Storming stuff.
    Then there is also Howling Wind which does the whole Power Turning thing.

    It's a decent spell but it somehow manages to trip and fall over itself. If there were decent low HP relics in the meta it could be useful. The problem is that that will likely never happen just because Arctic Wail exists. People will be hesitant to run something that's only "decent" if there is a faction that can hard-counter that with a spell. Which means that for a low HP relic to be used despite having a counter like Wail it would have to be very effective against the other factions out there. Which would lead to the other factions crying for nerfs which would then eventually happen after half a year or so.
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    This post .... artic wail kill all the hidden relic spawn . And destroy the enemy banner. Many theme factions needs have his relics. DAMN IS GLOBAL , is broken
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    This drew my attention because somebody liked my post for whatever reason, nearly six years after it was posted.

    It's really odd to read what you have written six years ago. At least for me it is.
    I don't even recognize myself any more. If it didn't have my avatar and name written next to it I wouldn't even recognize it as my own.

    Oh, the good old days, how I don't miss you.
    (Yeah I know, for YOU all my post look the same. That's cause you are a racist. For posts. From me.)

    BTW is anybody here old enough to remember the first and only (I think? I don't know; I did quit at some point.) official Pox Nora tournament and the fact that I am the queen of the tundra?
    No? Eh, fine too. See you in six years.
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    See you. Feel free to stop by our Discord though.

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