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  1. DiCEM0nEY

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    You realize ballballer literally will say things about the mods mothers when he isn't getting attention, yet this is the guy you think is infalliable.

    Anyways, you guys are taking advice from a person who rarely plays at all (his words not mine). Anyone who plays against decent players knows that the meta is very influenced by healing at the moment.
  2. OriginalG1

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  3. Bondman007

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    Hey man, I'm just enjoying the show... *eats popcorn*
  4. DiCEM0nEY

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    No, you are contributing to a circle jerk, Bane Shift posting without actually adding any input. Only I am allowed to do that.
  5. Ballballer

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    Resurrecting this to lol at what would happen if you could choose divine favor 3 or dark favor 3 on crystal phoenix or any other champ that currently had divine favor 3. Could you imagine a sub-50 nora champ with immortality and dark favor 3 (crystal phoenix is one of the best champs in the game right now, not arguing that)?!!!
  6. JaceDragon

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    No. For absurd last time i checked you could deal dmg to the buffered unit even if he has an immunity to the atk type.
  7. Nite2kill

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    I like this post - the message in the above text could be the most general and possibly the best rule for playing
  8. Makorov

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    i mean you cant say someone is wrong is because theyre an *******. plus he DID try to write up a relatively polite and logical argument as to why dark f is better than divine whatever.

    bet he won't do that Bane Shift again tho lol
  9. super71

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    The game is on life support, and you guys are talking about buffers. :)
  10. MrCharles

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    That's right, super71. Buffers can be great to keep you interested between breaks but generally are not talented enough on their own to keep the show going.

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