Could I do a better than Eth at balancing the game?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ballballer, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    Genuine question, no a shade being thrown and I don’t want the job. I just see a lot of people bashing him and want a comparison.
  2. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    Am starting to play the game here and there. I've always known him to be level-headed, so some of these accusations seem out of left-field. He knows way m0ore about the meta than I do at the moment.
  3. GabrielQ

    GabrielQ I need me some PIE!

    let's say the forums is where people bash eth and that's why you see a over representation of it
  4. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    I'd prefer you balancing over Beth by a large margin personally. I don't think asking on the forums is the best way to get privileges. It's better to ask cort directly.

    That's just not true. Most ppl who dislike Beth have already quit. The forums are also so slow that any topic that's posted here of interest usually gets mentioned on the discord (where 90% of the community that also hasn't quit support Beth), and subsequently raided with Beth fans.
  5. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    There is no meta, because there's not enough players, and players can't just switch from one faction to another without substantial investment. Despite all the f2p, there are many runes that are required from PD in order to make a competitive deck, not to mention harbs.

    Ppl just are playing what's closest to them really, or most accessible.
  6. Vash Dragneel

    Vash Dragneel I need me some PIE!

    I don't know if you could do better than Eth but you would do better than people who have offered to take over for Eth.
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  7. vipoid

    vipoid I need me some PIE!

    Maybe I don't come here often enough but the first question that springs to mind is 'how would I know'?

    I honestly have no idea whether you (or anyone else) would be better at balancing the game because I haven't seen them try (or the results of such attempts).

    Do you want to, for example, take a look at the last couple of patches and explain what you'd have done instead?
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  8. XFurionsX

    XFurionsX I need me some PIE!

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  9. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    All of the people who I felt had a strong enough understanding of the balancing of a this game don't play it anymore, and probably wouldn't be nearly as in-touch now as they were then. I wouldn't say that Eth is doing a bad job, but I've definitely had issue with a few of the changes done in the last year or so (not enough to actually complain, and I don't play enough to know if they're actually issues or just my perception). All in all, I'd give him a 8/10, which exceeds the bar that I have set for game developers/balancers.
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  10. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    Why would you be better than eiter
  11. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    I would have banned ST immediately
  12. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    Not saying I would for sure be better than Eth, but the reason would be because I'm Ballballer.
  13. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Wait the faction with the most global precense and hp per square AND a loss of ap font bonus AND an avatar with majestic isn't well designed?

    Maybe giving them the best healing in game and best terrain modifiers will make them better designed?
  14. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

  15. XFurionsX

    XFurionsX I need me some PIE!

    Not just ST, all protectorate plz.
  16. badgerale

    badgerale Warchief of Wrath

    It's a thankless job. You do a balance patch and everyone immediately forgets what you did right and only talks about what didn't work.

    Add to that the amount of loud imbeciles with their own idiotic idea of what runes/factions are overpowered because they keep running into that one guy who always beats them with a groble deck (or whatever).
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  17. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Playing anything other than ultra gimmicky 100 nora champions and spell spam is a ban able offense.
  18. XFurionsX

    XFurionsX I need me some PIE!

    You have to agree that fw has the worst faction bonus of all, ill take the the extra health or speed any day, but i like the undead theme since i started playing magic and heroes of mm, thats why i'm sticking with them.
  19. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    IS bonus could be worse honestly.

    But yea, I started playing fw in splits mainly, their bonus being the main reason why. Their heroes are far too gimmicky for real competitive play as well, aside from xulous.
  20. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Tbh, darkness can be better than cd reduction, and UD death benefit (especially when split) is very strong.

    I'd also say that FW bonus is actually stronger per point at 30% ; there seems to be serious diminishing returns as it gets closer to 60%, due to draw mechanics. If I could change the FW bonus, I would implement free rune draw per turn / base, because it makes less and less sense to have high cd reduction if you are hindered by drawn cards. This concept obviously is a bit too much for current group of pox players, so I'd just point them to the pure numbers chart.

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