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  1. Milos

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    sand storm.jpg
    Here is the deck hope to get some feed back and make SL grate again.
    match history.jpg
    And here is match history .

    Deck have 3 win conditions :

    1. first Firk them up with massive AEO spam coz there is so much hate in pox nowadays like imunity this and that this goes around it :)

    2.To spam spell and make ADAPTIVE champs like monsters, its surprise heal and dmg , because there is so many champs with comb. awareness so make champs big and single target swing

    3. and last u have a lot of cheep champs so swarm them like a boss

    Hope u like my deck works like charm so far, and would love to see some more deck like i could 6 years ago on this SL forum.

    Make SL grate again.
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  2. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    I've been experimenting w/ SL for a few days now. Don't take any of this as sage advice?

    18 champs? Seems like a lot, although the average 64 Nora is still reasonable (especially for that many champs).

    I’ve been experimenting with Myx Incubator and 2 Pupae for more late game potential, but I'm a bit underwhelmed. If Incubator had useful support abilities to use when her incubate abilities were on cooldown, it might work but various range/damage abilities seem like a nora sandbag on an 8 damage champion.

    Vindrax? Hive? Enigma? I assume it's a sand group?

    Do you select fire aura or leap 3 on farcrags sandkip?

    Myx Sandlion? Distract, alt damage type, dot, evasive/reflexes bypass at 5-6 range for a reasonable price.

    Valdaci Sentry vs. Explorer? Better baseline stats, a 2 for 1 detect champion, and illuminate. It's slower though.

    Acid Storm or Peridot Sphere? I like having alternative damage at different prices/ranges on spells/equip. Sandstorm/burning sands are both physical. Acid storm is 5 nora cheaper than burning sands and sphere is substantially cheaper. Plus, sphere has a different range.
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  3. Milos

    Milos The King of Potatoes

    First of all thx RAIKAN for taking interest in this.

    So lets go :
    1. For the champ size pool i kinda learned that i need all this champs its just so many counters i need variety to deploy, bat u got right i can cut one for spell.

    2.I tried myx so many times bat just cant work coz a lot of mix are not actually mix dont have that ability to spawn baby mix quicker. Its like they dont work with each other :( there was a time when u could play mix like arthropod with spiders(archnic sand scorp..) and skeezick arthromancer who had one dmg for each arthropod bat that time is long gone ......

    3. well Viny is awesome add i change it with valdac coz of the mission needed a priest :) , and enigma is awesome auto include in any deck bat draksar send stalker took its place coz its so much better he get life and dmg from spells and he cant be targeted from range. I love them now so good in sand deck :) and for hive just couldn't make a cut for it, and hive was auto include in all my sl decks.

    4. farcrags sandkip probably moust OP rune in deck, in start i run him with send tunnel bat its hard to do it some time so i go with leap witch is best skill for him. OP as Bane Shift.

    5. Try sand sniper too with domain sand and dis its just not efficient u got here Imperators, sfings, sandkip your bombs are your range attack and they ignore all evasive,dodge and all that JAZZ Bane Shift. also they can hit multiple targets ;)

    6.Well Valdaci is better detector bat explorer is 8 speed send generator he makes your draksar lord insane (coz lord get bonus from every unit on sand even enemy unit)
    explorer is just runing and making sand for your synergy + he get violent to your draksar champs.

    7.Dont rlly need more alt dmg this deck runs physical, psychic, acid, fire, magic and sonic dmg u dont need more and desert storm is fire dmg too :) and the sphere is awesome idea will try to cut something for it probably that one champ .

    Make SL grate again!
  4. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!


    For what it's worth, here's what I'm experimenting with.
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  5. Milos

    Milos The King of Potatoes

    what are ups for send snipe ?
    domain sand?
  6. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    I’m running distract and scour. I wanted a targeted, ranged champion to bypass combat awareness. I was also looking for a champion at the 72ish Nora price point. If I had Snogvie for global distract, I might not select distract.

    I also think Draksar Gunner with Punish, Piercing Shot 3, and Cull/Indignation has potential and might prefer him, if I had Snogvie.
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  7. Milos

    Milos The King of Potatoes

    What is your game name bro?
    are u on discord?
  8. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    Raikan00 (I think).

    No; I learned to game before the modern era of voice chat, Twitch game streamers and prize money tournaments for Hearthstone and SC2. It was all pen and paper DND and quarter arcades. At that time, gaming was a family shame to be hidden, so I lurk and hide behind text walls instead :) Besides, who wants to hear my crying baby!

    Updated deck:


    Akakios, Myx Sandsnipes, Sandkip and Mine Field are Experimental. I saw a glitch the other day w/ Dragon God's staff--it didn't cleanse on equip. Also, I felt like 2x Sandkip was too much. Oftentimes, I didn't need 2x pseudo-8 speed deploy 2x evasive/reflexes.

    I'd like to build in a module w/ a non-magical damage source with punish and indignation because of petrifying gaze on the manticore. Draksar gunner is okay, but he's physical damage and shorter range. The others (Doombringer, Eminent) are even shorter range.

    I'm seeing how effective mine field is w/ 2 whorls and 2 enigmas for knockback. I might switch for a non-physical source of spell damage. I doubt I'll add a demolisher.

    I might add a Skeezick Trigger, but I need to start playing ranked to see how common global relics are.

    I'd probably add a Skywing Screecher, if I had one, because I have 2-5 good targets for reinforce.

    I'm considering a forbidden fruit + broodqueen/skeezick alchemist module, but both seem way too expensive for a support role, and I'd probably want to include short-lived champions like rumbler for it to be worthwhile.

    Because I removed the farcrags tardigrade and one sandkip, I don't think there's a need to have a skeezick herder. Otherwise, the boost: beast might have been worth it (even if he's a ridiculously inefficient drive/boost champion--really, support abilities on a 4-5 range!)

    I haven't tried guardian of eretat. It might be worth it w/ 7 beasts/dragons. I doubt I'll craft it though because Snogvie covers Fascinate and he has no pseudo-ranged attacks--just a melee beater.

    I removed valdaci sentry because w/ snogvie, sandstorm and the bombs, I think I have enough tools to bypass defense and detect stealth.

    Spark crone looks pretty good. I need to test the shorter range vs better damage/zeal trade off.

    Force Transfusion looks like a useful prevent-defense to a power turn. I watched some ST vs. SL games on stand-off maps (like the FW one w/ 2 fonts) and SL struggled to initiate (compared to the Gale Force and Swap options of ST). One option might be to use force transfusion as a way to control the opponents AP. At 30 nora for 4 ap drain, that's a bargain compared to something like mobilization.

    Draksar Marine looks interesting. With pin down and sapping strike, he'll synergize well with a cull module and knockback.
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  9. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    I switched 2x Draksar Gunner for 2x Sandsnipe, then 2x Spark Crone for 2x Gunner. The Spark Crones become very threatening very quickly; fills a mid-range void in the deck; and paralyze can create 0 AP champs in a much more surprising way than Punish. Also, Punish doesn't work w/ Piercing Shot, and I found that I frequently used the Gunners for the Piercing Shot instead of the normal attack. I've added Indignation, and removed Quarry Mark because Quarry Mark is largely useful for side fonts.

    I removed Sandkip and added a Locust to help counter swarms/summons. He also has Leap 3, so he can do the same contesting job as Sandkip on maps where Leap helps (at least usually).

    If I had Skywing Screecher or the Battlemaster Relic, I'd probably experiment w/ adding them. The Lasher Helm looks like useful value too.

    As an aside, I wish Demolisher could have an Unstoppable + Break The Line build. That would make him very threatening w/ mine field, forced transfusion and forbidden fruit :(

    Lately, I've been thinking about whether Dune Walker has any value w/ Grant Tunnel: Sand. It's a lot of mobility on a very low cost champ, but I think this deck relies on melee champs to contest and push other melee champs away from bomb units, rather than using its melee champs to threaten other units.

    Also, I've been thinking about Totem of the Fallen. Heal Mass 2, Majestic 2 and Acid Bomb 3, and Acid Greeting on an Immortality Champ are nice. If it has a Basic Attack, I'd probably run it at that price.

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