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Discussion in 'K'Thir Forest' started by EvanCrow, May 9, 2020.

  1. EvanCrow

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    Cattura di schermata (5).png I wanna build a KF BG based on De'lim "Devotee to De'lim...which runes i must get for this? plz write a rune list if u have any suggestion (Champs, spells, relics and equip). I'm at this point for now...i need some suggestion plz
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  2. newsbuff

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    i havent had good luck with delim personally. however, i have seen tiny dragon succeed with it before by using New Growth on Fanatacal Devotee, plus Rally on Sunglade Dryad. So, I would strongly suggest using Sunglade Dryad to protect your summons
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    this is my naria deck, but it's not good
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  4. EvanCrow

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    Cattura di schermata (6).png this is my last modification, there is also another naria strangle and without seeker of the source
  5. newsbuff

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    you gotta try with sunglade dryad. rally is super strong
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  6. EvanCrow

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    the only problem is that i can't forge is from planar disturbance
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  8. EvanCrow

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  9. super71

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    I don't know if your still around and playing, here is my d'elim bg though.

    de'lim- sapping armor, and dictate- long range threat, mass teleport, sapping armor,
    enforcer of the circle x2- sacrifice and devotee- tank units
    flame mage of the circle x1- flame nova 3 and cleansing flame- dispel, cleanse, inhibit, aura, super useful rune
    naria flame willow x2- devotee, inhibit- reflexes, minor heal, inhibit
    naria queen x1- commander, stall- conduit mastery, stall
    naria rage vine x2- vine whip, life siphon- fury, conduit damage, Get's very good after a few procs of fury or if she takes root in the center of a font.
    naria seedling x2- devotee of d'elim, take root- conduit watcher, decent stats if in play at the beginning of game and you can manage to keep her alive. Also great fodder for sacrifice of d'elim.
    ruthless enforcer x1- assault, devotee of d'elim- Enforcement action is extremely powerful, if you double tap that's +4 damage to all devotee champs which is an enormous global buff.
    sporegill x2- damage shield 3, plant regen 1- aoe attack, good for locking down problematic enemy champs, either respawn's or they have to waste ap killing a 20 hp relic.
    warden of the path x2- heart strike, quest kill enemy- high damage, and the portal are nice to have
    woodland marshal x2- devotee, sacrifice of d'elim- 1-3 range is probably one of the best ranges in the game, summons free meat, another magical attacking champ which is always good against incorporeal crap, or magic eaters.

    escape magic x1
    overgrowth x2
    protection x1
    verdant promise x1

    catharsis bloom x1
    greenhouse x2
    pride of k'thir x1

    covenant x1
    horn of order x1
    withering fern x1

    Honestly the bg runs fine, but d'elim need time to build up and if they see any sort of dispel it's pretty much game over, and this is the issue now with almost every single late game theme excluding anything st.

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