Divine Regeneration vs. Regeneration

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xxLordQxx, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. xxLordQxx

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    Whats the point? Divine Regeneration was initially meant to be a way avatars(immune from other healing) regenerated health. I was watching a game recently and the SL Avatar not only got the bonus of Divine Regeneration but had Regen 1 stacking ontop of it due to a font bonus.

    I guess my real issue is with it stacking? If regen and healing now works with Avatars why not just give the SL avatar regen 1? Then when camping in a font it will get regen 2 for the duration of the font bonus.

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  2. Ballballer

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    Who are you?
  3. xxLordQxx

    xxLordQxx I need me some PIE!

    lol missed u 2
  4. Cydna

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    I think this is one of those issues where the line between Champion and Avatar isn't drawn.
  5. DiCEM0nEY

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    Rite of regeneration works with shrines as well. Not the heal but the regen.
  6. Elves Rule

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    You can also give all the avatars ranks of regen with empathy.
  7. mortal ix

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    It also works with Best friends, since the avatar counts as a champion when the spell chooses targets.

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