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  1. Silfeed

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    This is my ferren deck. It's ok for how I use it. Was wondering though how do ferrens deal with range? I mean, when you're fighting their melee units and they have like 5+ range guys behind, what do you do? I know some of the ferrens have scrapper and nokando which helps but I'm getting destroyed by range. Do I retreat or do I try to make a way to bypass their melee.
  2. JellyBerry

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    I see too many potential Nora sinks with a theme that benefits the most from having sheer board presence, for both focus and relocation purposes.

    As for your issue with ranged champions, LeafWind furry guy has Phantom Dash for close-ins, Ferren Ninja is stealth pseudo-range with Drag and Runner can either pull or relocate allies while also being stealth. You might want to add the spell Swap for positioning advantage or kills, it's too good not to. Silent Master is also worth checking. Crystal Phoenix OP. Lonx Bone Charm is spot Pounce and Blood Rage, probs getting nerfed in the midterm patch.

    Overall, experiment a bit with the available champions and see what fits you, but Ferren should have no issues trying to reach units on the back if you play around with their swap gimmick.
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  3. Silfeed

    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    I have the Infinity there for destealth but I could definately take her out for a Crystal Phoenix. I had ninja in but he is just...Idk. He doesn't have a base shadowspawn or shadowstrike which would really make him stand out. Going to add the Lonx Bone Charm, didn't realize it existed. Silent Master is good, I just couldn't find a space for him. I will put in a swap also.

    Speaking on their swap gimmick, should all my Ferrens run swap? Dancer and Snowspinner has them as options but I don't run it on them.
  4. JellyBerry

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    Not on Snowspinner. I do Heal Champion and Orb 1/2 on her. There is an argument for Invigoration but Portal Watcher, Silent Master and relocation makes the theme AP friendly (still a good option though). Dancer however I do run at 67 or 68 Nora with swap, because you'll be saving AP due to her being ranged, and it's easier to move away. It allows you to be more flexible with her and get the best out of Flourish on given occasions as well.

    When you have stealth and relocation you can pull off some silly stuff, so whilst Ninja might seem slow at first due to having to use stealth you can make up for it rather quickly. It's worth noting that the guy thrives on slowed champions so he gets a quick damage boost when necessary (check Ice Stars the spell, by the way).

    I understand the concerns regarding detection and shatter and I'd probably see what people are playing to determine whether going out of theme is worth it or not. So observe a bit and see how often you need either the same way you said you needed options against ranged champions and you may end up figuring out what works best deck wise. Looking forward to your findings.

    Also see Fast Friends vs Coordination Tower, lasting impact with more flexibility and benefits.

    Edit: Hopefully there'll be a rework to the spell Rebound sometime so it's a better option, it'd be cool to have a non champion tied form of shatter within the faction. NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Just cool.
  5. Orubus

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    I have been trying ferrens,, I am having a hard time killing the high defense units with te constant heal sources (ie bastion) and others..

    Is there a specific unit you use to deal with this? I guess dancer with soften ?

    Any thoughts ? And also how do you deal with swarm and mass summons?
  6. noamkeren

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    If you are new dont play ferrens, they are weak.
    I use dancer for dispell and Ferren brawler for killing strong things.
  7. Silfeed

    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    I agree with Noamkeren about if you're new. They can't really handle themselves alone so it's not an ideal beginner theme.
    As far as high defense units, Tundra Discipline is your friend. It will normally allow you to get at least 2 attacks off plus an increase in dmg. Ferren Wanderer and Leaf of the Wind are usually who take out tanks cause of their dmg and they have survivability. I consider Ferren Brawler an assassin. Even without duel as an upgrade, he can do serious dmg for his price. Look into Fast Friends (Spell). Encourage plus the other benefits it brings are helpful.

    So in short, Dancer to dispel, Wanderer or Ferren Master to apply the first FF free, Tundra Discipline, then attack.
  8. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    I don't see a good reason to run Duel instead of Hit and Run. Yes, Duel is cheaper and allows you to get at least one kill(but normally just that) with Brawler, but Hit and Run is just insane with Ferren Focus, as you can seriously kite your enemies for a very long time - specially given Brawler has more than enough damage output with Portal Watcher (and Tundra Discipline) - and hitting and running is what Ferrens excel at anyway.
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  9. Silfeed

    Silfeed I need me some PIE!

    I agree with you but there are some champs that need to be taken out asap. I run duel cause if I'm facing Bastion or a brewmaster, those are things I need dead. Kiting against IS, KF, or even ST is dangerous with the amount of heal they can do. Seeing that 50 something nora champ do over 34+ plus dmg to champ is demoralizing as well to your opponent.
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  10. Orubus

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    It's not possible to swap ferrens every turn. I use MULTi on brawler instead of portal. And I kept the portal reflexes on the teleported because he's more of a harass unit for ne

    I am kind of an old player. I donjon ferrens because they are new for me since the comeback and you can stack debuffs

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