I am so very disappointed with this client

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrew Carling, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. darklord48

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    How is 11 years a decade and a half? The game came out in 2006.
  2. Vorian

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    Fix the Firking pan bug!
  3. Protick

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    I believe you can turn off the pan with F1, not entirely sure yet. I always attack with the number 1 key and occasionally after the attack pan would turn on, because presumably I accidentally hit F1 too whilst hitting the number 1 key. I tried later on when it happened again, and F1 seemed to turn it off.
  4. Nigromanta

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    I wonder if there is actually someone working to fix the client...

    - The HUD proportion of the screen its insanely big, it covers half of the screen, the combat log the other half,

    you barely have space to watch the map...

    - The combat log doesn't work, spells are not showed you can't click on them, are you assuming we have to know everysingle rune in the game from memory?

    - That blue gradient hover when attacking is just not good, the red colour is WAY easier to see

    - When trying to click on different champion I usually have to double or triple click in order to deselect one champ

    There are so many issues that me and my friends won't even play ranked, like not even considering it, because we don't want to loose every match due to a bugged client wasting half of my turn...

    Can you pelase consider the suggestions of the people?
    Yeah you made runes accesible for people (the 5k gold decks are awesome, great job) but we cant play them properly becasue the launcher is so bugged in every aspect of the game... I dont even enjoy the matchs anymore...

    Is there anyone trying to fix this?
    Is there any chance we get the old client back?
    You should really consider impementing the old client until you have fixed ALL this buggs in the new one.
  5. Hierokliff

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    @Nigromanta try play around with different resolutions inside the game, 1280x1024 for me shows the good old full map (almost) it will be alot better in the future.

    agreed on pvp/rank, wish they could just reset it so we have a betatest ladder for 3 months and get new rewards a few times from pvp while they reset the ladder 1-2-3 or more times during these bugfixes :)
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  6. Andrew Carling

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    For me the biggest issues are the bugged out champion movement, especially the 2x2, and the super shifty in client deck manager. After like 8 years they finally added a deck manager in client to the old one, and then they just gut it with this new one. And I hate how you can't click on Champs in the rune dock to see them, you have to drag it a little to pull up the card. And cards in the dock are in some random ass order too instead of sorted by Nora.
  7. DiCEM0nEY

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    Tbd, the old client sucked ass, because many out the rune balance was harmed with the patch. Example: bone mine received a 5 nora cost reduction yet retained the old effect. Boundless enthusiasm was unbanned.
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  8. Sokolov

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    Note that Bone Mine spawns 1 less skeleton on death (I will check on it if this is not the case). Boundless Enthusiasm was nerfed with a 50% decrease in duration and unbanned.
  9. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Unfortunately, no, we can't bring the old client back for technical reasons.

    And we are working on fixes to the new client. We patched earlier today to fix a couple of the major issues. Most of what you mention are known but were lower priority compared to the game freezing, etc.
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  10. Nigromanta

    Nigromanta The King of Potatoes

    I really appreciate your answer.
    And to be honest, I don't give a firk if some runes are not balanced, and certainly probably most of the players (maybe expect the top 10...) would prefer to get the client fixed sooner rather than balance some runes to perfection.
    Just leave the runes design/balance for now, and fix the client, there are many issues working badly, and maybe just maybe those could go a little higher on the tier of priorities.
    It's a wonderfull game design wise, like no other. But playing a match feels terrible nowadays.

    OH and the game resizes to windowed and the default resolution EVERY single time I open the client, thats pretty frustating as well...
  11. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Keep in mind that I am the one who works on balance, and I don't do coding work at all, so my focus continues to be balance and rune design. I have been providing feedback/guidance to the programmers and surfacing the problems - but I can't really help them make it any faster other than find reproduction steps for issues (for example, I was the one who figured out how to reproduce the freezing bug).
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  12. XFurionsX

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    Funny the amount of hate everyone trows at owl, while i still find bugs on skyrim, made bybethesda, i wonder what was the budget of skyrim, i understand that the new client has bugs, but cheesus, cut with the hatred, they are working to improve the client.
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  13. DiCEM0nEY

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    I typo, I was referring to the old client post update
  14. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    That's because old client wasn't updated with new code.
  15. Regulate

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    Everyone knows they are small, INCLUDING THEM - it means the thing that is incompetent is taking on a project that is outside of the ability of your team, then just ploughing ahead and releasing it when it is obviously nowhere in the realms of ready.

    They decided to do this, then failed on the execution massively.

    So yeah, they did something stupid and the negative reaction was justified. They don't really have any defense and you shouldn't be offering them one. Having said that - there's also little point hammering on about how bad things are right now as all players and devs are acutely aware of that.
  16. XFurionsX

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    Ok , let me stop you there.

    First, have you ever worked before? when someone commands you a task and think everything is fine but here comes the boss and gives you a list of flaws, this is the exact same thing, i have been through it, and calling them stupid and incompetent is not how it works, my point is, nothing is perfect on release, but you know what, i'm happy because i'm playing pox since the last 3 years, so at least i got that going for me, it still have a lot of flaws, but they are working on it.

    Second, calling incompetence on on owl, so is bethesda incompetent because of skyrim bugs? the project is big, yeah, but remember even the old client wich was 10 year old still had bugs, it's easy to watch outside the bubble and calling them stupid and incompetent but people is not very kind to change, people just don't like changes, they want it pox on psn, pox is on psn, with a bunch of bugs yeah (hell i cant find pox on psn again, playstation must've hid poxnora so far like they're ashame that it is on psn) but it is on psn.

    Third, you don't tell what i should or shouldn't do. Vitch.

  17. Baskitkase

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  18. BOYL3Z

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    Agreed. The new steam client that can only be used on Mac is absolute puss. I can't seem to chat to anyone.. I tried logging onto Ps4 to see if it was any better, yet I wasn't able to use this account. The graphics are worse and the game is laggy. Very disappointing as this has always been one of the best games on PC.
  19. Durand

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    Some text for those who want some serious stuff as well, ignore if not :)
    Grimlic's Bane pic was funny. But if serious, is that too high or too low? Its amazing in some campaigns for sure. It might even be the best possible rune in some campaign and a certain daily. But in pvp, thats maximum of 30 total damage for 35 nora in the optimal case of 2 similar runes (not counting some summon spam). Most aoe-spells are more efficient in (near) optimal situations. Everybody knows the good aoe-spells, but let's compare to some other relatively good stuff as well (which are certainly not OP).
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  20. Baskitkase

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    It's at that critical 35 nora cost point. It's straight up spot damage. Boulderthrow is close, but the Awestruck portion of that spell is worthless so you get 1 more damage for 5 more nora and physical damage is considerably less valuable than magic and cannot be readily amped. Damage spells are meant to get kills. Naturalize is very specific, not sure where you're going with that. Pit dragon? Um, lol. Do you want me to take you seriously or is this a troll? Not sure.

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