"I want to complain about Cleansing Emerald being moved from SP"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kalasle, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. davre

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    protip: there is a hyaenid with cleanse.
  2. free20play

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    you think i don't know about hyaenid witchdoctor?
    that witchdoctor with cleanse still happens to be a pure right clicking combat champ?
    that his strongest and most effective setups all end up involving him right clicking stuff to death?
    that even when cleansing gem was around there was never any reason to run cleanse on him.
    that even now after cleansing gems removal from sp there still isn't a good enough reason, as in the end he's a pure combat champ and cleanse still has no place on him?
    ( taking cleanse on him would prevent you from having the incredibly strong combo of distracting blows + inhibiting blows! plus as a right clicker he needs every single bit of ap! )
    so how about you actually look at units stats and design before bringing **** up?
    god what i'd do for a proper hyaenid support,spell,equip,or even a relic with some form of cleanse/slash/cleansing aura! ( there are just too many hyaenids atm who basically all do the same things )
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  3. free20play

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    you know just looking at hyaenid witch doctor pisses me off.
    because he reminds me of how many shitty and nonsensical upgrade lines there are in this game. ( another big issue in this game that somehow continues on with even recent runes! )
    since you could literally take any of witchdoctors upgrade line 1's abilities and swap it with upgrade line 2's cleanse and he'd be so much damn better to play with!
    but to be honest i really don't care enough about witchdoctors cleanse,i'd rather just get cleanse removed off him and instead placed on a new hyaenid actually designed around supporting instead of you know right clicking stuff to death!
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  4. free20play

    free20play I need me some PIE!

    also i'd like to add if the devs have the time they should devote a single patch to just fixing every upgrade line in this game!
    basically make sure players aren't given any more false choices with upgrades.( or even worst no choices! )
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  5. davre

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    So, to be clear, your position is that a champ with a statline of 9 damage, 4-5 range, 6 speed, 0 defense, and 45hp is pigeonholed into a ranged beater role, and that this would be clear to anybody that "actually look at units stats and design before bringing *** up?". Despite having a no-damage debuff on base and an option for a debuffing alt-attack on upgrades, this champion could not possibly perform any other role for its theme than to be a 9 damage ranged heavy hitter?

    Is it because the 12 damage, 3-6 range ascendant or the 10 damage, 5-6 range, DoT headshrinker are particularly poorly equipped stat and design-wise for the role of alt-attack ranged heavy hitter? Please, tell us more. You are clearly very passionate about this topic.
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  6. Thbigchief

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    - This is getting good... Someone get a FS zealot in here and mention sacred temple as a cleansing option and watch the fireworks!! like the old days after the stupidly OP bog shaman was nerfed.
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  7. Etherielin

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    FS uses cleansing mist though.
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  8. You clearly ripped him a new one. But let's all agree. Historically speaking, when he first came out he was a scary motherfcken chicken. Auto-include regardless of whether you owned The Exile.

    I come back years later and he's a shell of his former self. With cleanse? :S
  9. MogaBait

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    Don't sleep on him. He's still a viable rune outside of Nids and Deep Wounds decks, even in higher rank play. I've seen decent to good players use him well. Not every champ needs to be absurd levels of efficiency.
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