IS-FW split Can't seem to get the damage output I need.

Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by theblackknight, Jan 28, 2018.

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    pox IS FW.jpg
    So I like the uncleanseable crowd control this BG has, it helps mitigate super champing. CC achieved through defiler knight and hoarfrost liches.

    I find the BG has decent survivability like I'll be engaged in battle for a couple turns but without actually eliminating any opposing champs and then mine start to die.

    So, how do I squeeze more damage into this BG? are there certain champs I'm missing any roles unfilled?

    the mystic forge works well with master axemen to take axemans fate off of wrath champs and occasionally I get crossbows on the bone circle arch mage. I like the feel of the deck.

    Help is appreciated. thank you
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    I don't really get what exactly you were going for (i'm not that good at the game so no worries there) and how this synergizes together so it's hard to make suggestions but if you are looking for some extra DMG among those two factions there are couple of runes I would consider.

    FW isn't know as heavy hitter faction so far as I'm aware. Most of the time there BG seem more built around either a particular synergy that boosts damage, Xuolos (ff hero so no here all by himself, or simply outlasts your opponent through attrition. That being said if in the same situation as you in general I would consider these runes

    Reaper - Takes down straight 25 percent of max dmg per hit.
    Tomb Raider - 12 dmg range is pretty decent and it's good at blowing up relics/equips.
    Magrareth - too expensive for my tastes but he's got potential to wreck house with his aura plus 14 attack...still too pricey unless you plan to support him and build your deck around it.
    Mute Stalker - 12 dmg, I love distracting blows, and it's got a built-in ramp up
    Obsidian Avenger - ESCALATING RAGE is fun to type in all caps..also enjoyable as it ramps up your champ into a house wrecker and Avenger man here is no exception. Probably my favorite straight dmg dealer.
    Golden Lamia - Zeal Dmg on a ranged champ.

    IS seems to be pretty reliant on synergies and in theme boosters to get heavy dmg output (and Bastion whom is pretty devastating but again FF Hero so not here) for the most part however.....

    Plainswalker - Relocate Spd means you need to really think about when to play him (and whose gonna take the gimp by coming out after him) but getting this unit out and rolling strong will see your dmg output spike rather quickly.
    Rugolth - Big Hitter - Expensive but Stunning stuff when it gets attack is quite powerful as is 14 dmg (and pummel as an upgrade option)
    Northern Cross Fanatic- Plan around impatient and it can be more of a benefit than a hinderance and this is a cheap 12 dmg that can be positioned into hitting two bad guys at once.
    Mosharn the Barricade - Expensive but cleave plus 2 range and high damage is a good thing.

    Oh and Magnus the fallen is the SF Hero between these two and with Adaptive and Hammer Throw worth a good hard look.
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  6. theblackknight

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    yeah what Magrareth?

    and thanks Markoth MrCharles, I'm gonna take another look at the tomb raiders.
    the obsidian vengers just cost so much. I notice my expensive champs just get destroyed so I'm hesitant to use em
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    MAGAreth is most likely Davre's silly way of mentioning Mairdreth of the Rot.
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    No problem. I understand your hesitation with the vengers but if there was ever a melee beater worth the cost it's probably him. Magic Damage for basic attack is good. Escalating Rage means this dude is gonna hit like dump truck barreling the freeway which has another bigger dump truck coming right behind it. Oblivion Shield can be a pain in the ass to work around for your opponent on most any champ and dmg output of this dude makes him really tough to stand up to toe to toe for more than a round. Also his desecration (sp?) AOE ability comes in handy more often than I would have guessed.

    Even with all that being said 82 Nora (assuming basic skill) is 82 Nora. So I'm unsure where he lands on the efficiency scale but can confirm he's well up there on my personal fun factor scale and he's got great dps potential.
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    Use IS avatar instead of FW one.

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