Maxx & stitched combo & aspect of growth need a nerfing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bushido, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. Varthas

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    I agree on the topic. You remember when Wretched Witch used to sap 2 ap and it completly locked down a champ? So it was argued that "you cant play against it" so it got changed.

    That is how it is facing Jellibongs; several times i`ve played against it and i`ve had around 200 nora on the bank but no runes to play, all on cooldown. In all fairness Jellibongs are probably the most seemless theme i`ve meet on the board, maybe Mino`s are up there, but if every theme was as polished as Jellibongs...

    Regarding the "stiched combo abuse"; i just quit the game when i realise what is up. How they can spawn champions worth of in excess of 3-400 hundred nora from just spirit summons from a FW relic, it`s way beyond anything in the powercurve. I don`t care if it is difficult to set up.

    In general i think split are "rubbish" compared to FF vs FF. When my opponent play split i also split my fun in half, and more than that. It`s the FF games i want, when i meet split it`s just noise.
  2. Etherielin

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    The combo is there to stay. It was weakened hard enough that at this point all I can recommend is to play better.
  3. Varthas

    Varthas I need me some PIE!

    I remember many eras, but in the very early days it was
    Or that i keep quitting those games, it works fine aswell. I play for entertainment purposes, and it`s mostly FF i find good.
  4. Varthas

    Varthas I need me some PIE!

    Why you seem to be somewhat piggtailed here?

    And i also wanna say that when i play a friendly custom game, i also quit when it isn`t entertaining, so it isn`t any different.

    Playing against Jellibongs with a unprecedented 200 nora(!) in my bank but all my runes concealed or on cooldown, what you expect me too do? Click "next turn" so he can enjoy himself alone... For real man, it takes two to tango or something like that.

    edit: cleared it up somewhat
  5. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Largely because there were 3 patches specifically dedicated towards making that combo worse and that - with addition of the statistical average win% the guy playing it sports with that deck only - leads me to believe there's no point spending time on it any further.
  6. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    To further reiterate on what I said here - I don't think the combo is the problem at this point, the player mentality is.
  7. Varthas

    Varthas I need me some PIE!

    I am not putting so much into it, but these two things have stood out too me for sure. They are both a different problem or experience than all the other stuff there is to have a oppinion on.
  8. Bushido

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    good, just don't change your words because i start winning every game and ppl complain because you have 0 clue what youre doing when it comes to balancing pox, and you should probably let someone who actually plays the game and is more deserving balance the game.

    Just remember your ego and not mine that causes the problems, as i've been telling you for months on how to balance the game, specifically this combo
  9. Mirior

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    Quoting to make sure this gauntlet stays thrown. (I'm legit looking forward to seeing the results of your experiments with the stitched combo, from what I've seen you're likely a better player to pilot it than drodub)
  10. Bushido

    Bushido Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Yeah, I actually was inspired to make the deck by him, very nice guy. You'll see me on the leader board fairly soon after I finish testing / learning a couple more things.
  11. Scrijordan

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  12. poxrooster

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    I'm not on sides here, but I'm curious about what you mean when you say the players must play better or by player mentality. Are we supposed to be as good as others before our input is accepted?
  13. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Nope. I think people need to be more accepting of certain mechanisms and combos in the game - the stitched combo offers a very clear read on what it tries to do and how as well as plenty of time to dismantle it before it can be assembled. I'd understand it if it was doable within the first 3 minutes of the game, but with the current iteration the fastest I've seen it deployed is 10 minutes into the match. That's roughly 10th to 14th round in the match, enough time to dismantle the combo or force the enemy to delay it further.
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  14. poxrooster

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    That's an interesting reply. Here's why I say that. You learned that through practice I guess. Why not just post that in the beginning? If you lead with that, it makes you sound more credible rather than elitist. This is the type of experience that people need to read about so that they can grow in the game. There's not many threads on how to beat this and that theme. The way you, and others, write about it just makes average players feel stupid and attacked sometime, and I don't think you're aware of it. Just offering useful feedback.
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  15. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Feedback to my feedback delivery is always appreciated. <3
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  16. Bushido

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    Maybe if you played the game you'd know what your talking about. That being said, how are you going to justify your nerfs to stitch combo other than "dicem0ney is winning with it so now I should nerf it!".

    Because you've already ruined skeletons, you ignore things like maxx, jellibrium, etc etc (everything that I mention), and now I'm making you eat ur words, ur gunna nerf stitched right?

    I dont feel like playing every stupid thing in the game just to get it nerfed. In fact I really don't even like stitched, because it is a painfully slow way to play.

    Also fun fact, I've only really legitimately lost to heajmac deck (pretty sure his deck recieved buffs and is probably sleeper op anyways) , which gets free fonts due to flying. Also lost to reaper with voil on the imbalanced flying map.

    My other losses are just because I mechanically can't perform the combo (it's actually really hard power turn to do in less than two minutes) and I end up forgetting to equip my tome or miscalculate some minute detail. Im still having growing pains, since I've only ever played fw, but they are quickly being ironed out, and I'm becoming stronger every match.

    Also, another fun fact, never seen so many rage quits while playing pox. Nice way to grow the game, but honestly you don't even play it so I doubt you care other than the power you hold in being a mod and social justice warrior.

    @Cortices @Sokolov I really don't understand how @Etherielin was chosen to be ruler of poxnora but I personally could grow your player base with better balancing.. Again, not being biased, but eth should be fired, and I should dictate how to make pox nora great again.

    @Etherielin , I'd like you to work with you in getting yourself removed from pox nora balancing. Im more than willing to listen to you and your minions' rune suggestions, and I think you are doing a great job as chief discord officer. But you are too emotional and biased (imo too low iq also) to properly balance the game, and I think you should give the responsibility up to someone else. But what bothers me the most is that you don't even play the game enough to understand it. Hell, I don't even play the game enough anymore imo, but I play a LOT more than you.

    Balancing pox is a serious responsibility, and we need someone who doesnt shirk that responsibility. Hundreds of players rely on the works of dozens of artists and developers for their enjoyment.

    Feel free to offer feedback on my delivery as well @poxrooster , I'm always open to suggestions. I just hope they are based in logical arguments. And not thinly veiled resentment due to my hyper- intelligence.
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  17. poxrooster

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    @Bushido if you are serious about me giving you communication feedback, then let me give you my first thought. Now, you want this to be a logical argument, so I'll argue by expertise. Argument by expertise means that an expert will suggest to you the right way of things because he / she knows a right / correct / best course of action. So my advice to you about communication comes from me being a college professor in communication since March 2007, so about 14 years. This is the expertise upon which I am basing my feedback to you, so I hope you think of it as logical. Here's my feedback.

    When you say,
    no one wants to work with that. No one. @Etherielin is a decent guy. He's been open to suggestions and responsive to everybody, including you. Granted, some of your exchanges have been not polite from both you at times. But you can't expect people to give you any credibility when you come off as arrogant as you sound in the statement above.
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  18. Bushido

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    The first half of your statement was readable, then after you quoted me and presented your "argument" it became emotional drivel. I have no respect for the communications field, I see it as a scam to generate revenue for college campuses. I also have no respect if that's what you actually think an argument is (although given the current state of societal decay, it's not surprising)
  19. poxrooster

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    WOW! Okay.
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  20. Varthas

    Varthas I need me some PIE!

    Right, it took me some time but i realised i could had a decent shot in the game if i didn`t wait and build up myself. I didn`t recognise what was going on untill too late. So sure the stitch thing is more of a 1 trick pony that can be avoided or downscaled if knowing bout it.

    The Jellies on the other i don`t know. I`ve been thinking about why it is impactfull to me, and mostly it is because i only play FF FW, and having runes on cooldown is never, ever a issue to me. And to make it worse the skeleton deck is only efficient if the rune comes out in the right order. It quickly goes from a tier 1 deck to rubbish if i cant get the right runes out. If the Jellies cd thing was only on deploy, but every time they kill a skeleton something goes on cd, so in my experience it not only last the whole game but turns worse. In normal games i can stall for many turns if i wait for a rune so i can achive my deck later in the game, but against Jellies it only turns worse.

    I guess there is something i don`t understand, but i hope i explained the problem.

    Exactly right, i read below that communication are your profession and indeed you are really good at putting the words out right. Such a gift but you also worked for it. I remember the young days and communication was a topic in school, its a very interesting but also a very personal one, everyone could relate somehow.

    I remember my driver lisence teacher in the 90`s told me:

    "Your a good spirit but you engange too much in discussions without having the ballast", and he handed me this book written by two professors from Harvard university called "Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In", and it was about communication and negotiations. I had to read it countless times and alot of the words i didn`t understand but i felt i could guestimate and later confirmed them.

    It`s a great book wich i gonna reorder because i lost mine and it has come in a updated version 2011. It has some brilliant examples, both real life and fictional ones.

    Allright gonna wrap it up with a thank you Poxrooster, your communication skills has inspired me to try and up my own ones because communication works but it doesnt come free lol.
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