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    Guide to which side is based and which is cringe:
    • Cops: Bad. Would murder you after making you cry crawling on your knees begging for your life, leave your wife and kids without a husband/father, and not only get off scot-free, but would get paid for it and high-fived at the precinct.
    • Rioters: Much of the destruction is being instigated and led by white antifa, although the looting is an equal opportunity. Fun to watch!
    • Corporations: Woke, pro-diversity corporations that get into your neighborhood, kill small businesses, and then celebrate pride month on social media while getting burned down, which is based.
    • MAGA grifters: "B-but think about the corporations! Floyd wouldn't like this! This is because of democrats who are the REAL racists!"
    • Minneapolis, L.A., any other urban center where these riots could spawn: Deep blue Leftist strongholds, infested with Anarchists and Communists, populated and led by people who are cheering on the destruction, won't stand for the national anthem, and believe that America is evil. Let them all burn. I'd be the first to light Berkeley and Oakland on fire.
    • Media: trying their hardest from beginning middle to present to vilify white people.
    • Facebook/twitter normies and blue checkmarks: Openly screaming now is the time to "kill the boer" and subjugate whitey.

    Enjoy the flames, but also buy weapons and ammo. Keep your head down and prepare yourself for the new America.
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  2. Markus422

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    Revolution! :)
  3. chickenpox2

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    What happened to America?
  4. calisk

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    trump got ellected and everyone on both sides of political lines lost their collective Bane Shift.

    now the slightest incident, causes them to burn their own cities to the ground like morons.
  5. Gaverion

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    So while it sounds dumb on the surface, there is some merit to rioting. A peaceful protest against police brutality would likely be nothing more than a brief local news story. It's a sad but true fact that for a marginalized community, such tactics are seemingly required.
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  6. calisk

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    hard to say, I don't think police brutality stops by burning down and robbing the local liquor store, or getting yourself arrested for 20 years for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police car, or giving the same cops an excuse to shoot you with pepper bullets.

    marting luther king didn't try to change society via rampaging through a city, he tried to do it in ways that actually got results.

    these riots will be forgotten just as quickly as all the others, you won't get change this way, someone will need to step up and win on the political land scape to effect the change they want.

    I wish i knew the answer, I do believe political channge is the onlt way to get change that is required but that's a concept not an answer.
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  7. chickenpox2

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    Trump is real life joker from dark knight or Joker he creates Chaos and revels in it
  8. devilsrath

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    I'm not American and I could be wrong but I feel far more can be achieved by a peaceful protest than of one filled with arson, looting and vandalism. What the cop did was wrong and makes me question the recruitment / training processes of the police in America (especially since these kinds of hateful crimes seem common, even when Obama was president). The fact the cop isn't being charged with 1st degree murder is appalling, but unfortunately violent protests and the protesters will be tarnished with the same brush as the cop and nothing will change- if anything it'll only make tensions worse.
  9. calisk

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    That's the mistake everyone makes "America" is a collection of 50 states. what's more a large collection of various self managed cities and areas with there own believes and issues. There are cities like Minnesota which are by all account quite racist, or at the very least has a few racist cops and and someone in charge protecting and training them that way, Mean while there are many other cities without those issues, but all cops of every city are painted with a broad brush.

    1 Cop killed someone, 3 cops did their job and maintained the perimeter.....for better or for biggest concern is the sentencing in this case, he could get a maximum of 25 years, i think I heard with his other charges like 30 is possible, but they may go easy on him in sentencing and give him the minimum sentence of a 40000 fine, by the time they get to that point it will be like 3 or 4 years from now, if he gets something like 12 years and he spends 4 years in prison waiting he will get double time and be out in 4 more, probably eligible for parole immediately
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  10. Gaverion

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    So racism in police departments is not a localized issue. It is an institutional issue. Even in liberal areas such as where I live in Massachusetts there are significant disparities between expected outcomes for white and non-white citizens.

    Is every cop a bad cop? No of course not. However the law enforcement system and training (formal and informal) associated with it leads to white citizens receiving favorable treatment.

    A less attention grabbing but more obviously systematic example:
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  11. Baskitkase

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    you could call it wide-spread or even systemic but not institutional - there is no organization or connecting authority between the different policing organizations. And federal authority or even influence does not extend to these police departments. This is an issue that has to be handled by states.

    Two things: charging someone with a crime is not an emotional response to what they did. How you feel (appalled) should be set aside in matters of law. That way, when someone is really mad at you for something, they don’t let their emotions cause you to be unduly charged.

    Secondly, the major requisite for 1st degree is planning/premeditation. You also need (murderous) intent. Intent, intent by indifference and negligence without planning is the definition of 2nd degree. 3rd degree obviously being the two manslaughters.

    Even if you could get an emotionally-charged jury to bring a guilty on 1st deg, it would certainly get thrown out in appeal. His layers would drag that out long enough for people to nearly forget him - long after this period of unrest.

    You are allowed to be emotional (or any type of bias, as long as it’s deniable) during sentencing so they’d give him a sentence in the upper limits of Murder2. But if he was overturning a murder1 he’d get time served, recognition of undue punishment likely reducing sentence and that sentence being imposed during a time less-focused on the current issues or his part in them. Likely somewhere in the middle range.

    Now that would be appalling.
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  12. Geressen

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    I for one am thouroughly enjoying the news out of america.

    I like the summation that opened this thead that confuses anarchists, antifa, and black bloc tactics as one and the same, I am sure that was an accident and not his political motives and failure of the school system.
  13. Geressen

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    good luck getting political change happening in a corporate oligarcy with cronyist tendencies wearing a democracy hat, you're gonna have to get proportional representation in goverment first and that is unlikely to happen under the current system.
  14. newsbuff

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    Same! best reality TV I ever watched
  15. chickenpox2

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    Because they a good people out there unlike US (not starting flamewar just a opinion)
  16. devilsrath

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    Being emotional towards an issue shouldn't impact the law, I agree. However the man in this case was hand-cuffed with his arms crossed behind his back laid on his front to the ground. My brother in law is a cop and they're told in training that cuffing someone and laying them on their front can cause asphyxiation within 10 minutes. The person cuffed is helpless, the feeling of being trapped is quite distressing but the more you struggle the more they hurt. They're even cuffed in this way in training to show them the feeling of helplessness.

    Now let's also add in the fact that he had a cops knee knelt on the back of his throat for the duration.

    There's being emotional, and then there's being logical. I'm not a trained cop but you would hope the cops would consider this; kneeling into the back of a powerless person's neck to the point of death is considered 1st degree murder in my eyes, and is in line with what you have described, especially when considering these cops are supposed to be aware of these issues when cuffing someone in this manner. It's the same as pulling the trigger. And if the cops aren't aware of these issues then there is a major issue with the training and recruitment as previously described, you could call it negligence.
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  17. Baskitkase

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    I get it. You're right, it is, in fact, logical. It comes down to what can be proven, beyond doubt. Lawyers aren't interested in logic, only winning their cases, so they stick to the best plan they think has the greatest chance of being a lasting win. They are not out for justice, they are out for as much justice as can be obtained in a win.
  18. devilsrath

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    What I don't agree with is protesting involving damage to property, arson and looting. Unfortunately these kinds of protests literally add fuel to the fire and take away from the main issues; I fear they cause an even bigger divide in the end.

    The people who are taking part in this form of "protesting", much like the cop, sadly are part of the 1% that give the rest a bad name.
  19. profhulk

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    Wtf kind of nonsense are you spouting? Are you capable of seeing beyond the lens of your distorted perception of reality? How is destroying small business, ending rule of law and enabling a tyrannical gov't to buttfck your children good? "there is some merit to rioting" <---- this came from your mind. WOW.
    The end result of this horse sht is Cuba, Venezuela or worse. The limp dck oligarchs funding this chaos laugh at you useful idiots from Canada who wear Che Guevara shirts, and read marxist diatribe. Let me post the two different perceptions ppl have of communism/socialism to prove my point.

    Here is a youtube video created by rational human beings who experience socialism and communism and see it for what it is=( ppl living in their own sht who have to buy whatever the gov't gives them). ( Rational human being perception)

    Here is the same youtube video critiqued by a leftist minded woman who sees as a leftist
    (Leftist perception)

    This entire riot charade is a psy op. George Floyd is a masonic puppet. Look up Big Floyd on the internet and you will find George Floyd is a porn star lol.
  20. super71

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    Send Chauvin to prison for life, make it a quick trial and be done with it. America won't change until we are willing to accept we don't have racial equality problems, we have economic equality problems which primarily affects black communities. Burning down small businesses of the people that supply jobs to the communities and defunding and getting rid of police is literally the exact opposite direction of where these cities need to go. Get rid of police what happens ? Crime happens, what happens to small business when an area has a lot of crime, those small businesses move, homes lose value, people lose jobs, further crime yada yada yada.

    Funny enough you guys can google the Murray-hill riot in 1969 in Canada, and contemplate how silly the concept of disbanding police is, or defunding as most police forces are already under staffed, and over worked.

    I do believe though that most police officers should be given mental health exams at least twice a year, and the police themselves need to go through longer training. Then again i'm not a cop, and know for a fact I wouldn't be able to handle the horrors that they see on a day to day basis, and either would anyone else posting about this topic.

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