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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poxpoints, Feb 20, 2017.

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    Sure. But I'd argue that runes overall are more efficient than the formula would state.

    Of course however runes 'on average are average'.

    Just a little tidbit don't read too much in to it.
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  2. Poxpoints

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    I still need to do all the styling, and code it generate a shorter URL amongst other things, but the main functionality is there!

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  4. NevrGonaGivUup

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    A little rough around the edges, but otherwise works nicely.

    A couple issues I found:

    I couldn't add more than one ability to the second upgrade line.

    The 'add' button was too far to the right to see in the browser window when I loaded the page, so it took me a little while to find it.
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  5. Poxpoints

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    That's odd, it might have been because I was just uploading some new stuff (been fixing a few bugs on the go).
    I'll try to reproduce it though!

    Yes, I pretty much did no work at all on the layout yet, but I might not have that much time for the next month or so and in case I couldn't finish it this month I wouldn't want to deprive you guys of this fun tool, hence the alpha!

    EDIT: couldn't reproduce, here you have your strig with keg toss now, haha!
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  6. Markoth

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    Tried it out but kept getting a "Your rune is not finished" popup.

    Screenshot 2017-02-24 at 2.21.02 PM.png
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    Time to go make a whole gnomes theme for IS. Gunna make it nice and easy for sok to start the theme. Might not be a bad idea to sticky this on the "rune suggestions" forums.
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  9. Pixyrus

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    Is there is a character limit on the runes name? Maybe just make the letters smaller and squished together a bit more. Also the flavor text for the rune is not centered.

    Other than that I love it! :)
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  10. Sokolov

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    This is epic :D

    Also... this would make a 2nd player made expansion much easier...
  11. themacca

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    should totally give them the formula so it automatically calculates cost ;)
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  12. Gorebucket

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  13. Poxpoints

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    @Markoth it's because you didn't select a faction (I can tell by the missing icons). I should probably implement better error handling, but it's very time consuming hence the "general message" pop-up!

    @Gnomes Haha, you go for it!

    @NevrGonaGivUup Glad to hear it worked out this time around!

    @Pixyrus There is a character limit, it should be about the same as PoxNora's limit! Centering the flavortext should be easy though, I'll check that tomorrow!

    @Sokolov Thanks! And yeah, it probably will, haha!

    @themacca You might be happily surprised sometime soon!

    @Gorebucket Thanks, working on just that!

    Small update: I'm working on implementing the runemaker to automatically calculate the noracost of the rune (well, I will when I can find some time!) + I'll probably add the ability name, icon, description etc. next to a created champ for screenshot purposes (now the upgrade abilities are not visible in a screenshot, neither is the description etc.)
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  14. Pixyrus

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    Oh, my mistake! :p
  15. Skybloom

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    Okay this is actually super neat. Makes everyone's life just a little bit easier.
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    kick ass!
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  17. IronStylus

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    You know you will be flooded by player made runes from this moment? Time to make 'Rune ideas and suggestions' alive!

    @Poxpoints There could be an indicator for the source of art too, as most of the used art probably won't be self-made, that would be nice imo
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  18. Poxpoints

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    Guys, the rune maker now can calculate a fairly accurate total nora cost, so from now on that will be automatically calculated!
    It took me the whole day to get it done, but well, it's done!

    @IronStylus Definitely something I can add, seems only fair to the artist!

    EDIT: and the flavortext is centered @Pixyrus
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