Sharing Bg's for fun

Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by DOODLEROCK, Apr 16, 2023.


    DOODLEROCK The King of Potatoes

    Just sharing bg's I cycle through for fun.

    The collective and the snap tooth where the only bg's I could get consistent wins with but it looks like some snap tooth are banned now.

    I am not a good FS play but I know what gives me a hard time when I play against them. It always feels like if FS a front a ahead for two turn in row, it is gg.

    upload_2023-4-16_12-1-33.png upload_2023-4-16_12-1-49.png
    upload_2023-4-16_12-2-14.png upload_2023-4-16_12-2-22.png

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