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    No one ever posts on here, so I thought I would go ahead and post some battle groups. These are not meant to be high level competitive, but they there is a built in strategy for each one that works decently.

    Akakios's Guard
    The first is Akakios's Guard. The strategy in this one is to drop Akakios or a Draksar Lord and surround one of these with Draksars to trigger the Guarded Draksar skill. This gives a damage and AP boost for the next round. The surrounding Draksar then seek to keep Akakios or the Lords going for as long as possible to drive the strategy. The Draksars buff these units with heal, cleanse, battlemaster, defender, and morph while receiving the offensive buff from Guarded Draksar. The rest of the runes are in there for situational counters.

    Champs (Upgrades)
    1 x Akakios (Guarded Draksar, Scale Armor)
    1 X Commander Nisk (Bold, Weaken Spells)
    1 x Dragon Handler (Regen 2, Drive)
    2 x Draksar Confessor (Dispel, Regen 2)
    1 x Draksar Consulate (Regen 2, Shileded)
    1 x Draksar Forerunner (Leap 3, Violent)
    2 x Draksar Legionnaire (BM3, Defender)
    2 x Draksar Lord (Guarded Draksar, PA3)
    1 x Draksar Psion (Shrive, Shatter Summoned)
    1 x Draksar Ravenspeaker (Regen 2, Cleanse)
    1 x Priest of Fury (Purging Flames, Fire Acolyte)
    1 x Temple Guard (Regen 2, Defender)

    Forced Transfusion
    Horrific Mutation

    Phalanx Marker
    Slum Market
    Sundered Warbanner
    Target Dummy
    Transmission Relay

    Dragon God Staff
    Heart of Gnash
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