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    maybe they are selfexplainable, but i just dont get it.

    1: is it possible to have runes of more than one faction in a deck?
    2: i have the quest to play training games. have finished a training game in the faction-tab and in the tutorial tab. both did not count. what else is meant with that quest?
  2. Markoth

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    #1. Yes you can have runes from multiple factions but no more than 2. This is called a Split Deck. Each deck must contain at least 15 runes from each faction. You have the faction bonuses from both but at a reduced amount. In a split deck you can choose which Shrine/Font Bonus you want to have by selecting the avatar for that faction.

    #2. I will be honest I have no idea. Some quests are broken at the moment.
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  3. o8L1v1on

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    ah thank you very much =)
  4. Fentum

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    Also worth noting that split (double faction) runes count for both factions hence the 16/16 in the example from Markoth.

    Many years ago, there were ‘circus’ decks which allowed runes from all factions with no limits. Crazy times.
  5. RasielCZ

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    I think you can still run a circus BG in single player, but you no longer get neutral shrine. Instead you get shrine and half bonus of majority of your runes.
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    All these years... I believed a lie...a LIE! Markoth is a dirty SPLIT player after all. I always thought he was true to IS and would never betray his faction....
    alas, even Markoth has deviated from the true ways... and has fallen into submission...
    PoxNora is truly dead... :confused:
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    Darkoth is a wanted criminal. If you see him please report him to your local Inquisition representative.
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    @Markoth Definitly check your account man, someone posted a SPLIT BG using your handle... dark days these times we live in...

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