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    Sirius I need me some PIE!


    I've experimented with a lot of bgs until I've arrived at this one. It's one of the few bgs that satisfies all the conditions I need to enjoy playing it:
    - capable of running Basilisk Templar and Demolisher
    - has some form of Pull/relocate on my opponent
    - has AP gen for surprises/powerturns/burst of movement
    - has access to Nora Link (it's why the Speckled Fesh is there, but this is more of a soft requirement)
    - has some form of killing relics people plant at the back of their shrine in impossible to access places (don't get me started on why Poxnora is badly designed)
    - because everyone spams powerful range all the time (again don't get me started on how this makes the game grindy and is bad design) it was also important to have ways to just sit back without losing from doing so which is facilitated by Mutant Doctor, Moga Cannons, Magnify Beast, Cyclops Chieftain and Flamethrower Engine

    The second Stormbunny used to be a Scavenger Pack but I have realized it's a bad champion in many ways so I stopped running it. It's a shame because theoretically it helped power up the Chieftain, the Cannons and could donate AP to Demolisher while being my needed anti-healing. In practice they're super easy to hard or soft counter by almost everything, they're disadvantaged by the nora-to-stat formula and most important of all, they do not get to perform the function of being anti-healing which is why I wanted it in the first place.

    Anyway, I am looking for advice on 3 things:
    1) How to better protect myself from range spam. I'd be willing to entertain ideas like sacrificing Speckled Fesh for Whirling Quarry/Spiritspeaker, even though it's a tradeoff. The difficulty is a lot of ranged champs get built in Precision or easy access to Precision which... counters the counter to range.
    2) Whether there's some way I could sneak in Crack the Earth in here because I believe that lets me make Demolisher more of a menace (impassable terrain = knockdown ouch)
    3) How to maybe get some anti-healing going on in here since I struggle with Scavenger Pack

    Any advice is welcome, even "change BG to x" except for removing Demolisher/Templar.
  2. Sirius

    Sirius I need me some PIE!

    I made some changes:



    I briefly tested out Cyclops Ritualist with Fester instead of Speckled Fesh with Nora Link but I dunno... every time I swap out the Ritualist it feels like I face heavy summons or healing, every time I swap out the fesh I face heavy nora gen. I definitely don't think I have the space for both so I kept the Fesh because nora gen is more annoying to me. I also considered running Fester on The Doctor, but I still think I prefer having Dispel for now. Besides, with the abundance of Premonition, being able to land any of that is less likely.

    The Doctor is pretty amazing, I can understand why people run him. He's almost like a Commander: Everything with access to Confuse and also lets you sit back and Mutate things if you don't feel you can go suicide into a field full of 4-6 range champs. A special shoutout to hard to punish ranged champs like Snaptooth Dusk Shaman and their slowly driving me into the arms of the Vothsairs.

    Unironic thanks to Igorotyra (hope I'm spelling it right) for teaching me how amazing Indignation is on Demolisher but also honestly on pretty much anything. I definitely overlooked it. On that note, I managed to add in Crack the Earth in here. It's definitely a bit niche because of how restrictive its casting conditions are (can't do it over chasms for example), but it also helps for a little bit more than just Demolisher combo, which is nice.

    I briefly tested Devour but I went back to the Pies.

    Bloodthirsty Blade is a better counter to range champs than Whispers of the Mind, with the caveat it's also easier to bypass. This as well as the abundance of equipment use in the meta made me add Reforge on top of the Sweeper. So far, it seems to be working.

    What I'd like is to... figure out if this deck has any clutter at all and remove it. I'd like to get a source of Fearless/Unstoppable/Iron Will besides Zoalt, but am unwilling to swap out Unstable Powersource for Fault Marker. Unstable Powersource really is the Banner of SL/X splits (you get to kill banners, generate nora, detect hidden Rock Traps, counter Barricade, counter Unholy Tomb, counter Spell Seal relic bgs and so on). I would also like to get more healing in here and perhaps a second Doctor with Fester. Maybe add back Crazed Warmandrils or Forced Transfusion. Lots of things, too few rune slots.

    Deck could also use exactly one more good ranged champ but there's nothing in Beasts really as good as Moga Cannon and the non Beasts in this deck are low damage meta counters or beast support. Also again, short on rune slots.
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