Suggestion for a strong healing and protection IS BG

Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by EvanCrow, May 12, 2020.

  1. EvanCrow

    EvanCrow Well-Known Member

    i wanna make a IS BG with strong healing and protection. Any suggestion is welcome.
    Write a rune list and post an BG's pic. Thnx everyone
  2. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Best healing and protection is with a Paladin deck. I usually go something like this:

    1x Angel of Mercy
    2x Angel of Protection
    1x Archangel of Al'mara
    1x Attendant Squire
    1x Carrier Squire
    1x Crusader
    1x Euan Ironfist
    1x Ironfist Inquisitor
    1x Ironfist Minister
    1x Kingmaker
    1x Northern Cross Milita
    1x Northern Cross Priestess
    2x Pontiff of Al'mara

    1x Blessing of Al'mara
    1x Burning Crusade
    1x Divinity's Touch
    2x Hammer Strike
    1x Impervious
    1x Macadamize
    1x Mark of Redemption
    1x Righteous Deflection

    1x Celestial Spear
    1x Guard Tower
    1x Hahndor Memorial
    1x Ironfist Standard

    1x Golden Compass
    1x Holy Blade of Vladac

    A better version would probably have Bastion the Avenger, Veilwalkers, and Plainswalkers in there, but I put the focus on healing and protection as per your specifications. There's lots of synergy with Inquisition, which should make it easy to pilot as well. Feel free to mix and match the support options as you like; other good options are Battle Matron, Barbarian Druid, and Ironfist Paladin. You could also run cheaper melee units such as Northern Cross Avenger and Vengeant Templar.
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  3. EvanCrow

    EvanCrow Well-Known Member

    Thnx so much.​
  4. EvanCrow

    EvanCrow Well-Known Member

    Cattura di schermata (7).png this is what i've made for now
  5. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    You're going to want 1 to 2 more champs in my opinion.
    I would always 2x Crusader, he's OP.
    Trade impervious for that platemail equipment maybe
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  6. EvanCrow

    EvanCrow Well-Known Member

    i replaced a crusader for blessing of al'mara and platemail for impervious
  7. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    yeah thirst for battle plus hallowed ground on crusader is so OP - and if you can keep him alive and gaining DEF stacks, he becomes truly unstoppable
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  8. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Paladins are hearty and have lots of healing so you always feel safe building them very defensive. Some of them are also expensive and take time to get rolling. There are three major weaknesses to paladins (build up decks/expensive champ decks)
    1) Champ Removal/Instakill
    2) Low-cost aggressive decks.
    3) Split Maps.

    Invision your worst possible match-up and think about what you might need in your deck to beat that. Last thing you want to do in paladins is start spaming spells too early and put yourself even further behind in the nora game.

    The single best champion I see right now in the realm of Paladins is Crusader, next would be Attendant Squire. I'd 2x both of those and then start adding more. Magnus at 75 nora, Ironfist Minister are nice. For expensive stuff I'm looking at Charger Knight and Bastion (but prob wouldn't include Bastion). I like to make sure my support champions have a basic attack so that they can be a good target of Might of Ironfist. Example: My

    If Crusader wasn't so good I'd probably go all dwarves (full plate armor and sepulcher of kings, also dwarven sgt).

    For spells, I have always been a super fan of Might of Ironfist, it's really versatile and its downside is easily negated in paladin decks. Burning Crusaide is definitely in as well, if the aura only hits one champion of 6 damage, 6 damage for 20 nora is not a bad trade. IS has so many great spells, can play it many different ways - Maca, Hammer, refute, RD, Blink stuff like that too.

    Relics, I like Nora Mine. It's a great rune because you can deploy it for efficient HP but if the enemy doesnt kill it, it gets bad. Celestial Spear is also great. Earthshaker still seems good too.

    Equipment - HBOV - again versatility - surprise dmg change (if you pummel with this on its fire dmg), a relic, its movable, it provides CTE - ya, it gude, EGS (helps with early game aggression) and Sunder Axe.

    Unless I'm facing one of my counter decks, I want to get my phalanx built and my nora mines pumping, survive with as little spell usage as possible. Then use that nora on spells/equips and relics to get non-transparent kills. The endgame Paladins when they are totally set up is too strong - the early game is where you are vulnerable if you get outchamped and have to start investing nora in non-champ stuff to save expensive units. Don't be afraid to lose units as paladins, in the early game you want to keep deploying and make your opponent spend more nora killing them than they are costing you.
  9. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    this is the best IS BG i have. very versatile, and if played well, should be one of the best bgs in the game

    +25 hp late

    has engage, and shrine kill potential
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