The Poxnora Corona Cup

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by attio26, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. attio26

    attio26 Lord of FS

    Hey all, I haven't played in a couple months but was thinking of streaming and commentating a 'Corona Cup' on Twitch, starting next week, to help us all alleviate this boredom and lack of social contact. How many players would be interested in signing up and would anyone want to help host/commentate?
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  2. Skullferno

    Skullferno I need me some PIE!

    Count me in. Any rules/things we should know about bud?
  3. attio26

    attio26 Lord of FS

    Just want to get a measure of interest before I decide anything in particular, suggestions more than welcome!

    I think it would be fun to use the conquest format like in Hearthstone. So you have 3 BGs with 3 diff factions and you have to win once with each to beat your opponent.
  4. rutslane

    rutslane The King of Potatoes

    Great idea. What kind of input you would like to have from us?
  5. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    I'm down. technically my bosses grounded me from pox until our game comes out but maybe given the circumstance I can participate
  6. Mammuthone

    Mammuthone The King of Potatoes

    I would love to join. Were you thinking to any special rule/restriction? It would be interesting from my standpoint to limit somehow the choice of players just to see something new
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  7. Karamasov

    Karamasov Lord of SL & Master of Challenges

    I'll consider joining. But if it ends up being a lot of meta decks vs meta decks, I'll probably have a hard time motivating myself. Good idea with a tourney.
  8. Axeraiser

    Axeraiser I need me some PIE!

    Il play if its FF only.
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  9. badgerale

    badgerale Warchief of Wrath

  10. Markus422

    Markus422 I need me some PIE!

  11. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

  12. attio26

    attio26 Lord of FS

    I think we should do FF only, and then there should be one further restriction, perhaps theme based? Maybe no repeat decks?

    There's 10 of us currently in so I think we should do 2 mini leagues of 5. Top 2 from each league goes through to semi final rounds.

    Recommendations would be great. Will get it all organised for next week.
  13. Mammuthone

    Mammuthone The King of Potatoes

    I am just trowing in some ideas:

    Runes in a deck to be limited according with their rarity: each deck can allow 1x legendary maximum (warbanner does not count as legendary), 3x exotic maximum
    Only runes up to expansion x could be used
    Personally i would not stuck on theme deck, even if i think i am gonna play a theme deck
    Select a pool of handicap runes: for each faction there are like 10 runes selected and each deck of that faction shall run at least 2x of those
    I would go for FF as well. Split faction could be allowed but with more strict limitations (for example, running 4x handicap runes or no legenday allowed)
  14. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    another idea:
    ban 10 runes from each faction by popular vote
    FF only
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  15. Markus422

    Markus422 I need me some PIE!

    I actually really wanted to do this but like both players state the faction they are going to play before the game and they each get to ban 10 runes from the opposing players faction
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  16. oyo97

    oyo97 I need me some PIE!

    Only one Race and im in :>
  17. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    If this is all happening in 1 day. I'll be keen
  18. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    Depends on what day is it?
  19. Scrijordan

    Scrijordan I need me some PIE!

  20. attio26

    attio26 Lord of FS

    Okay great, let's do it all on one day. I'm going to host it on Saturday 11th.

    @Scrijordan @themacca @chickenpox2 @Markus422 @oyo97 @Mammuthone @newsbuff @Gnomes @Axeraiser @badgerale @Karamasov @rutslane @Skullferno

    Please confirm you're in if the following rules apply:
    • All matches occur on Saturday the 11th April
    • FF Only
    • Everyone submits a ban list and a handicap list for each faction prior to the 11th: The ban list contains 10 runes opponents CANNOT use against you. The handicap list contains 6 runes your opponent MUST use against you. The handicap list can contain 1x 6 different runes, 2x 3 different runes or any combination of etc (at least 4 must be champions).
    • Immediate single game knockout rounds. (Stick around to watch if you can)
    If you think any of those rules need changing let me know. I'll set up a stream for the whole thing, would be cool if someone could co-commentate?
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