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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sokolov, Sep 8, 2016.

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    You bet! Also, I second fogandsteel's request for more details!

    More specifically:
    • You, more than most people, love using statistics and reports as a foundation for your opinions. Are there any must-read sources you'd recommend? Especially about the User Funnel; knowing how your User Funnel looks like is not helping much, if you have no idea how it should look like!
    • You have been talking about the pros of taking a game to another platform. With modern game engines, it seems to be easy to make a build for as many platforms as possible. I.e., Pox could also work well on an iPad. What are your thoughts about this?

    Another thing that would make for a very interesting endeavour would be to take the reports and data available, analyse them together and derive decisions for Pox.

    Let's take for example the swrve monetization report. The data may be misleading for Pox, as it is very platform specific and it certainly requires a lot of caution. What I learned from this specific report (amongst other things) was that the decision for or against a game often happens very early on (usually within the first two days). From this insight, I would derive the recommendation for something like an overly efficient 'Welcome to Pox' food-in-the-door starter-pack (i.e. all the core runes for almost nothing, just because if you have invested into the game once, you're way more likely to invest into it again).
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    I have been a big proponent in the past of rune rotation. You could pull a bunch of runes into a Standard Core Set that maintains the overall feel of each faction, and have a couple expansions in the rotation for Standard ranked play.

    I'm also very much in favor of Pox 2.0. It feels like you could do so much if you just restarted from the beginning (retaining the art assets and potentially lore) and could avoid a lot of design pitfalls that have made balancing this game so difficult in the past.

    Old thread:
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    This my first time seeing that thread. I'll admit, the idea has merit.

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