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Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by noshua, Oct 24, 2021.

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    Voodoo Shamfie has been my favorite ever since i started playing Poxnora back in 2008. I am having the hardest time fitting him in a battle group now a days.

    Anyone have any ideas for a Voodoo Shamfie rework? I feel like the problem is he doesnt have enough mobility.

    I suggest you take away life siphon and give him more mobility like additional speed/leap/domain water/semi aquatic, and to boost his damage give him surge: aquatic/semi.

    What would that make his Nora cost be? What do you guys think?
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    Why don't you give it a try? I think the most important part would be which role in which bg is shamfie supposed to be played.
  3. noshua

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    This is hard... the abilities should match up with the style and look of Shamfie as well. Lets think what he looks like...
    Well, he is a giant hulking green mirefolk/beast... He has skulls around his neck, red eyes, and blood dripping from his mouth. BUTTTT then there is this beautiful woman with him. She is in control it seems, she has the skull in her hand and is fearless next to the beast. She has feathers in her hair and is barely dressed and her eyes are white.

    So im thinking a mix skill bag between the two hulking beast and seductive mistress.
  4. noshua

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    Voodoo Shamfie
    Forglar Swamp
    Race: Mirefolk/Beast, Class: Shaman, Size: 2x2, Rarity: Exotic
    Nora Cost: 75

    Champion Stats
    12, SPD: 6, RNG: 1, DEF: 2, HP: 60

    Champion Abilities
    (Remove Soul Siphon)
    (ADD) Vitalize
    (ADD) Spellswallower
    Semi Aquatic (Replaces Amphibious)

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Ability #1 Logistics: Life Siphon (Replaces Soul Mason)
    Ability #2 Trail Water
    Ability #3 Iron Will

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Ability #1 Power Attack 3
    Ability #2 Detection 3
    Ability #3 Charm 3 (Replaces Fear 3)

    This still gives Shamfie that late game play style but for about 15 Nora less plus a buff to his mobility via Semi Aquatic. I think the abilities still fit his vibe as a Voodoo Beast and Babe. What do you guys think?

    Soul Mason is a waste, i think the blood coming from Voodoo Shamfies mouth indicates he Siphons some life and with Logistics: Life Siphon its different from the other Mirefolk so the play style is slower and less Nora.

    Charm is also a few Nora cheaper then fear and doesnt change the play style to much either. I figure the Charm is coming from the Babe on his shoulder. She can charm the enemies with her voodoo ways.

    Please let me know what you guys think, i have been playing Voodoo Shamfie since 2008 when i started playing Poxnora and i would love to see him back in more battle groups!

    Cheers, Noshua!
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    I agree with this, but let's give him everything for 71n instead.
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