Want to make a Maxxarek BG

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  1. I want to make what would be one of the best possible maxxarek BG's. I want a List of runes for a Maxxarek BG that is functional enough to win in ''PVE'' with relative ease but only costs around 2000 Shards.

    I would also like it If you could post a Maxxarek BG without a shard limit - One of the best possible outcomes a Maxxarek BG could have.

    I realize that this is not meta and thats why it needs to be the best it is capable of being.

    It would be nice if some of the runes in the 2000 shard BG i've requested were also used in the Unlimited shard BG i've requested but not a requirement.

    The 2000 shard BG is aimed at getting used to the feel of the BG's theme while farming for the shards I will need to make the Unlimited shard BG.

    Why Am I so interested in making a Maxxarek BG? -----v

    He sits on a throne lording over everything else in the game.

    He rests his head on his fist because even though he's in a war hes not impressed by his enemy and he's certainly not worried about what there capable of because he knows that he is superior as are his hordes.

    He refuses to stand up. He sees turning his enemies to ash as a chore and although he finds there screams mildly amusing he cant be bothered to stand up and acknowledge there courage in there final moments.

    When something irritates him, looks at him the wrong way or has the audacity walk into his territory he lifts his hand, snaps his finger and sets them on fire, laughing softly as there flesh melts off there screaming bodies and fuses with the ground beneath. He then speaks under his breath in a deep hushed voice ''Fool''.

    Maxxarek is the embodiment of superiority, his manner, his abilities, his animations. Everything about him says ''You are beneath me.''

    It makes me laugh. Every single time I spawn him, every single time he snaps his fingers - I laugh.

    Sometimes I laugh just seeing him sitting there. It brings me joy.

    I've been playing pox nora for about a week. I've gone threw all of the champion runes and although alot of them do have good art work and alot of them have far better kits then maxxarek, Maxxarek is my favorite. UD themes and artwork in general I find more appealing then other factions. So I sharded everything I had and now im only investing in UD and making UD BG's.

    If your goal is to win then it's best to play the meta. In my opinion win or lose, you cant enjoy the game if you don't like the runes your playing with.
  2. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    I want a million dollars
  3. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    Dont be a **** to newbies

    a 2000 limit is pretty rough, given that max alone takes up a quarter of that. But i'll give it a shot


    Outside of the core runes which you can get for free, this is about 2200 shards
  4. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    Just slap Max, secret meeting, 1-2 Deep elf priestess, 2 nefari fireslinger (65 nora build) and bracelet of mirrors (deflect stacks, sac power resets CD) into any bg.
    While Nefari siphons help offset the steep cost of Max they are not essential and the other sub 65 champs are not better than imps max summons by default.
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  5. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    Cough cough

  6. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    RIP 66 nora pincushion
  7. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    They never worked for me, I wouldn't invest the shards if he is going for a budget version.
    btw boomerang + sphere are not good together
  8. Kiruzen

    Kiruzen The King of Potatoes

    Are you getting the bug where every time Maxxarek teleports his model gets bigger? It gets to a point where you can't see any units near him.
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  9. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    yea, it's been there for a while
  10. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    The ultimate win strategy
  11. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    I also enjoy Rip Demons at 61 and Nefari Reapers at 63 or so

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