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  1. Revengercm

    Revengercm I need me some PIE!

    Just a quick fine video. Thought we could get teased like this before expansions but in smaller portions.
  2. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Very clean. I had never seen the DOG intro before.
  3. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!


    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    I am fairly certain that is a good portion of Senshu's day if not week to put together. I agree it is nice, but I am sure that the forum teasers are by far faster.

    EDIT: Just saying that if it was easy; it would not have been released 6 days after the expansion.
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  5. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

    That is a few hours of work. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

    No one said a few hours work is easy, or that a "few hours" are easy to come by these days. But they're still a few hours. :)
  7. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    Loved the Owls logo, now i see the renovators with different eyes.

    Also, Pox needs new music xD

    @Gedden Next time let me do one for you.
  8. Moles

    Moles Administrator Octopi

    Actually @PoxZuo put this video together :p
  9. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

  10. XFurionsX

    XFurionsX I need me some PIE!

    Why don't you just do it, if it is good enough it will go straight to the website, or owls can use it for something else.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    @PoxZuo Not bad, well cut on the scenes how long did it take? If it took a long time as @Kampel suggested, I am sure he would be glad to help with future videos, and have your imput for final checks.
  12. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    Because i would use lots and lots of arts and and sprites and i would need him/them to give me with good resolutions.
  13. Revengercm

    Revengercm I need me some PIE!

    LE carrionling.
  14. PoxZuo

    PoxZuo Administrator Octopi

    It took a few hours over time with revisions. Had to get it done fast. :eek:
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  15. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    There's a new dailies never seen it is it after the rude rats?

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