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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by MrCharles, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. MrCharles

    MrCharles The King of Potatoes

    Does anyone run this?

    I stopped using it after opponents kept shattering all over it a few months back. Does anyone ever run it as a straight negative equip/shat rune (i.e. equip it on opponent and then shatter or other destroy equip method) to leave them with the penalty?
  2. Voidtrain

    Voidtrain I need me some PIE!

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  3. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Cept that one time I had 2 AP, shattered it and equipped another equip for Holy Armaments only to realize I couldn't attack with 3 AP anymore. That was a one time thing though and we will never speak of it again.
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  4. MrCharles

    MrCharles The King of Potatoes

    I don't know that I would want to forget that or never speak of it again because it's pretty funny. I would probably just start remembering that it happened to someone else instead.
  5. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    its a pretty nice on spot mgc dmg, good to get rid of nasty sotms and similar...meta wise can be worth
  6. MrCharles

    MrCharles The King of Potatoes

    I've been running it these past few days and it's been incredibly helpful. As you say it probably depends on the meta but right now it seems worthy of the rune slot.
  7. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    Not anymore, did use it on pureblood plainswalker to get them even more powerful in PvE games, but found the old Wildeye Bracers being much better for extra AP. Did also put it on some melee champs for the heal self, but the shattering negative impact is just to harsh.
  8. MrCharles

    MrCharles The King of Potatoes

    I always forget about wildeye bracers. Whenever I play IS I always feel like i'm scrapping to find enough nora to operate so adding mercenary -2 nora a turn always seems daunting. That's probably not as much an issue for better players than myself and I have to say the trade off of getting an extra couple shots off with my current favorite board annihilating IS champ seems more than worth it. I'll give it a shot.

  9. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    Having a pureblood plainswalker being able to hit 3 times / turn is crazy good, useally the game is probably won long before that. but its a nice little toy, sometimes iam bored and make decks around that toy and as many mercenaries as IS got, it gets very mobile that type of deck. just remember to check if the others are near when start hitting. and all that extra ap just stacks up fast
    Also barbarian exemplar is very good with it and its ability that reduces unit cost per attack.
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