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    I once thought of splitting yetis and SL caught my attention, because they have mutant yeti, and quicken/quickening would go well with heavy hitting yetis and also because I thought that you could include a couple kanens for support and take advantage of unleash on some yetis, like icelord and the one summoned in the spell.
  2. GabrielQ

    GabrielQ I need me some PIE!!/deck/cyWCyQCynCgvciYCgZCadcgkCtlCgzS3mS2Ls5qs73S7usYs5jr2qe1Oe1T
    ST/SL yetis + kanen module
    You have mele powerhouse powerplays with unleas/declare target/quicken/transfusion and sngle target onslaught with gale force and call of the tundra. You can roll with kiergana and you can use call of the tundra yeti to perform rite abilities.
    I thought of including a charge module,, with doctors and/or processing collars and maybe more mutants, but the kanen module was appealing. Healing hand could be replaced with crystal phoenix
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    Or a banner
    Looks very soild and not too much expensive to make.

    Oh, and keeper+rage band blast should be a blast :p
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    You need more champions, like 2-3 more. Also I would drop Conqueror and Soncerer because they are overcosted (or are ****)

    Also Snowburst and Arctic Wail are overcosted, and Deep Freeze damage your own champions because of low spell pressence, Ice Storm is better anyway, gives ground to units and ice terrain.

    Don't know about Yeti Fang, seems overcosted, but didn't tried it.

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