12 year old's Pox Theory crafting

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  1. Gnomes

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    So when poxlist and all these websites did not exist, twelve year old me would still theory craft and try to copy your bgs. I found my "Pox Journale" from like 8-10 years ago.

    Here are some pics of the bgs i would think of making.

    upload_2018-3-18_19-27-46.png upload_2018-3-18_19-28-27.png

    i would also spend games trying to get every rune in one of the people i was waching. so i could also only write 2X if i saw that they specifically played 2 at the same time in the game... this could take days of me collecting data. @yobanchi @monoxide


    I also would forget who were the "Big Names" to follow so i wrote those down.

    upload_2018-3-18_19-34-29.png upload_2018-3-18_19-35-4.png

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  2. Fentum

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    Cool memories
  3. Sokolov

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    Ah, memories :D

    It's amazing how many Pox players were very young when they first started.
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  4. calisk

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    I still do these lists, Firk the internet I like my pen and paper deck building.
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  5. Thbigchief

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    Classic, I still have some screeshotted BG's when it was cancer to try and view like anything over 2 decks on website. Crazy times
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