1950s document where the CIA reported on a Russian tank

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    - Only 463 pages? Isn't World of tanks tutorial 500 pages? :rolleyes:
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    the part about unexplained parts and design differences ( compared to another T34 tank) is fun.

    I know the early T34's were very factory specific in their construction methods and quality (seriously some had bolted armour, some riveted, some full casts), I'm not sure if they managed to homogenize the design and loadouts of the later T34/85, but by 1950 I believe the T34 to be quite out of date and being replaced by newer heavier tanks similar to the US patton tank prograamme, got anything on the KV-2 ? that one would be hilarious.
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    Most of the tanks from that era were basically a new top on the same chassis.

    KV-2s are amazing in WOT, but in real life they sucked :D

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