A gift for you on day of New Ownership!

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    Hey Poxers,

    I have some great news for everyone, starting on March 6th - one you move your account over to Desert Owl Games, you’re going to receive a brand new gift as a token of the celebration. It’s called the Pox Renovator and it has an uncanny resemblance to a Strig. We wanted to show you the illustration, created by D.O.G.’s very own Darcie “PoxZuo” Banfield and the sprite.

    Race: Beast
    Class: Ranger
    Faction: (each)
    Dmg: 11
    Speed: 7
    Range: 2-5
    Defense: 1
    Health: 48

    Attack – gun
    Renovate: This champion deals 10% extra damage for each starting ability on its target.

    Stat Bonus: Dmg (1)
    Stat Bonus: Dmg (2)
    Stat Bonus: Health (1)
    Stat Bonus: Speed (1)

    "Was it a giant owl? A crazy monster owl? An owl lord that can stop time and command the wind!?" "No, just an owl... But it had a BIG GUN!"

    Discussion: http://forums.poxnora.desertowlgames.com/index.php?threads/a-gift-for-you-on-day-of-new-ownership-discussion.51/
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