Boon's Eve campaign on Legendary

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  1. DonK101st

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    hmm I'm pretty new to this version of pox. I played a long time ago, but everythings new to me now. I've got no problem with the way this campaign is set up. It's certainly a challenge and I like it that way. I beat it on normal and can kill the master of bones on legendary the first time around with really a very basic deck with firks and other ranged, just rush him and ignore skeles. Pretty easy killing him the first time...

    It's killing him the second time thats getting me right now, because when he respawns hes behind a bazillion skeletons. Really like the look of Klauds deck and it sounds pretty fun. Might have to build that one...
  2. rheinhart

    rheinhart I need me some PIE!

    They are a headache lol
  3. rheinhart

    rheinhart I need me some PIE!

    Finally got it soulthirster with 148 attack got killing blow^^How many blood owls can I get?Is it 1 per year or unlimited til the nov 2nd date?
  4. DonK101st

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    OK... Need a little help please. How can I increase damage output for IS? Put together a decent bg with Zedin leading the charge. Skeles wont attack him because of intimidation, so hes good at killing them. The problem is theres so many! Gallows warden works well too with his ae fright thing. But other troops are commonly leaving skeles with 5 or less hp, dont know how many times Ive knocked them down to 1hp and couldnt finish them off. @#$%%! Killing the master of skulls the first time is easy, but then I have to work through the boneyard. Even using 2 pantier headhunters upgraded with stealth and assassinate I rarely get within range to use it the second time around. rheinhart how did you get assassinate so high? Or at least increase damage across the board. I have the IS standard. Anything else?

    I'd really like to do this with IS. Failing that a protectorate BG.

    oh... also is there a way to fast forward/skip past the dialogue? Thats the only part I'm not enjoying anymore. :p
  5. rheinhart

    rheinhart I need me some PIE!

    Their is a fast foward arrow bottom right took me awhile to figure that out on my own fast fowards dialogue only press it one time(little lag) or you can accidently hit it again and "end turn"lol.Also I ran a circus deck I used bad blood to get rid of spawns and soulthirters got +1 per spawn death and I had bloodstained claws equipped to 2 soulthirters so +5hp and +1 damage per spawn death^^It will be very hard and maybe impossible to do it with a ff IS unless you're Tiny btw lolI ran Vothsair Ireguard cause of arroweater (range units can't hurt him).Snowstrike units (snare fairy,blizzard elemntal ,jakei frostseer (make sure to upgrade abilities)(stop opponent from moving except the blood owl and maybe elites?).Also ran 2 bloodthirsty blades but never had to use them but more of a failsafe if something goes wrong you're impervious to damage for 6 turns^^
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  6. DonK101st

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    Thanks man. Just got home from working out of town all week. That arrow to bypass the dialogue will sure make grinding this thing more enjoyable. Looks like the only protectorate champ with soul siphon is voodoo shamfie. So I picked him up. Going to see what I can do with him and some snow strike units alongside a majority of IS.
  7. DonK101st

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    Almost got him with a FF IS group of barbs! Zedin w/Pride of Sarnghaver almost killed him. Got lucky on his respawn after killing him the first time, but not lucky enough... If I had one more champ in the area I could have done it. ugh. So tough with FF IS. Anyone able to do it yet FF IS?
  8. rheinhart

    rheinhart I need me some PIE!

    I thought after nov 3rd you wouldn't get the free rune anymore?Kinda pointless now unless you just wanna beat it with ff IS to say you did lol
  9. DonK101st

    DonK101st Member

    hmmm didnt read that anywhere. Maybe so...? I was told once I bought the campaign I could beat it at my leisure...
  10. SPiEkY

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    I'm 95% sure you can beat it whenever and still get the rune.
  11. DonK101st

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    I think so. There are older campaigns for sale that advertise a LE rune upon completion on legendary. Hope so anyway, otherwise I'll shelve this sucker and spare myself the anxiety!
  12. rheinhart

    rheinhart I need me some PIE!

    The Boon's Eve campaign will be available on the Pox Nora Marketplace from October 19th to November 2nd. This is a seasonal campaign that if completed on Legendary difficulty will award a Limited Edition Blood Owl Rune

    Ya you're right I was thinking the rune would only be availiable til nov. 2nd but I guess it's the campaign being on sale my mistake.
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  13. Varthas

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    On the first mission i used ff FW skeleton deck, voidhowlers ftw! Xulos for global dmg, aswell as enemies own splits to set it up. 2x Blackblade Barons(#surge), 2x Tomb Lords(#surge) & 2x graveyards, and 2x Bone traps for stall. Reapers blade for backup. Also as already been said, try gang up on the boss and stay in/out of his range works good. These mobs are so aggressive i never needed to sacrifice a howler to get summons, so i never took any spells/relic/champs with that ability, but it might be better to have the options to do it more controled.

    On the second mission i used the same deck, decay will be useful on last boss but i managed without it, i had enough to oneround him once he engaged.
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  14. haroldkin

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    Just completed Boon's Eve stage one on Legendary with the following deck:


    Skeleton's will totally ignore the Physical Immune units. Maneuver Peak's Ifrit in close to the Skull Master to keep him locked down and forced to spend AP to move. It's possible to kill with the Ifrit, but takes time. Time Slip can help get the Ifrits across the board after the first kill.

    Equip Muckers with Mirrored Shield and put them in firing range of Skull Master as a decoy. They only take 12 damage a hit from the Skull Master, and then regenerate to full hit points next turn. Just don't let them get surrounded by skeletons as they can't withstand being battered on all four sides. Best to get them to the center font where they have some protection from the skeletons.

    Taint for the Exorcist to conserve his AP for movement and attacks. Sandstorm to reduce skeleton attack. Gale Force to move skeletons out of the way to allow Ifrit's to get to Skull Master.

    The rest is pretty much filler and I keep changing it around.
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