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  1. Vorian

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    This is the thread to post your budget sp decks.
    Can someone else do expensive SP decks, I have watched the top SP players so I have a vague idea but still. Great champs to include if you are missing a champ are ritual cultist, ritual crone and another kanen tracker for a draw win. Chaos braves and voil conquerors are autoinclude if you have them. Kanen slipped is amazing so is rupture alpha if you have it. Albino fesh is worth including along with voil skyhowler. If you are doing things on a budget watch jarlragner.

    Runes worth including
    Voil Skyhowler
    Kanen Slipped
    Kanen Trackers
    Ritual Cultist
    Ritual Crone
    Sonic Elemental
    Albino Fesh

    Expensive autoincludes not mentiond by Raikan
    Chaos Braves
    Voil Conquerors
    Aspect of Chaos
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  2. Raikan

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    Obviously not a budget BG, but here's what I use. I'm hardly an expert at SP, but this was built w/ input from people who are/were.

    Experimenting w/ Kanen Slipped. He's pretty beastly.

    Other runes I sometimes run: Sonic Elemental, Hyaenid Mundunugu, Klub/Spike, Goliath Fesh, Moga Babbler, Hyaenid Instigator, Kanen Cultist, Ritual Cultist (more for 2s though), State of Confusion, Zealotry, Cyclops Eye Belt, Peaks Tactics and Angel of Chaos (cause she's one sexy model!!!!!)
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  3. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Thanks raikan that was exactly what I was looking for!

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