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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Excalibur95

    Excalibur95 I need me some PIE!

    i would pay to have poxnora placed under an opensource license, all assets including art and programming etc. then those players who love the game can maintain, contribute and build upon it. the main pvp elements could be kept as the main game. others who wanted to use the ip for other things like spin off games etc would then be free to do so aswell. hey it worked for battle for wesnoth.

    if your intent is to opensource poxnora, dog may give you a better deal.
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  2. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    What is IP? Like the IP address?

    Also dont you think acquiring the game would void the Sony Contract?

    After the new client launched the game went downhill rather quickly. Is there a way to go back to the old client?
  3. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    Intellectual Property

    DoG would still be subject to the Sony contract if it hasn't gone past the end. There could be penalties in the contract that DoG would have to pay if selling the game, that they would probably try to recoup through the sale.
  4. Varthas

    Varthas The King of Potatoes

    Intelectual property i belive it means.
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  5. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    Oh i see thanks for clearing that up guys.

    I think the game is still around because of the contract with Sony. If they shut down the game they would be breaching contract costing them even more money. Its probably more cost efficent to keep the servers running than to break contract.

    If any deal were to be made sometime soon you better believe DOG will want to recoupe the amount of money lost for breaching.

    I would highly suggest letting the game die and remake a game using the same art sprites on a platform that supports Android OS, Apple OS, and PC. Which means that IP would have to be purchased I am assuming.

    Those OS's give Poxnora a MUCH HIGHER Audience Target than Sony Vita players and PS4 players.
  6. badgerale

    badgerale Warchief of Wrath

    Yeah, I was thinking the same regarding the Sony contract.
  7. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    As it is its better to wait. If anyone tried to buy now price would be more than that of waiting till the servers go down. When the servers go down its not generating income for them so they will put it on the market and entertain offers to try and make up some of the money lost.

    However waiting till the servers close may drive the current players away.

    Pro and cons....
  8. Isendel

    Isendel The King of Potatoes

    Here I am . Let's make pox great again!!!
  9. Axeraiser

    Axeraiser I need me some PIE!

    I'l pay 10k and not a penny more
  10. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    That's the amount I would probably be willing to invest also... As of now though, I have heard nothing from DOG. Who knows. They may be content in letting it go to 404 error...
  11. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    Did you already ask to see their growth ratio charts etc.?

    (I honestly dont think they will release that info to you until the contract with sony is over)
  12. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Yes, @kthx gave me some pointers on how to ask them and what to ask.
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  13. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    Do you think they will provide them?
  14. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    More than likely... no. However, this depends on:
    A) How desperate DOG is.
    B) If there are any other suitors for Pox
    C) If anyone cares enough to do the research
  15. jeeperz2

    jeeperz2 I need me some PIE!

    I don't have any serious funds to invest but if you actually serious about this and get DoG on board i'll fasho start coughing up something you have my word.
  16. Xirone

    Xirone I need me some PIE!

    I’d definitely buy some expansions to support the effort. It’s funny that DOG doesn’t want my money.
  17. Poxpoints

    Poxpoints I need me some PIE!

    In regards to building a proper website etc., I should be able to help development frontend on the cheap if you want me to do it fulltime, or for free if you just want my help here and there.

    If there is demand for it, I could help build an auction house like system for PoxNora as well. So that this broken economy can fix itself through supply and demand without a store having to step in again.
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  18. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    I was thinking that the investors should take a backseat in terms of development. Elect a group of people who are experienced and competent with regard to development and let them get on with it, if the majority of investors dislike the direction the game is going then actions can be taken to alter that.

    Really though I don't think that's anything we need to worry about just yet, if the acquisition of the game is possible then really all we need to worry about for now is getting the client back in shape and then maybe looking at balance changes. Major changes to the game is a bridge that we don't need to cross yet.
  19. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Yep... Direction, development, and management are all moot points until DOG decides what to do.
  20. JaceDragon

    JaceDragon I need me some PIE!

    Same here. I don't have an huge amount of money to invest in Pox, but i could support it through the same way i supported it untill now.

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