China Video Games Review Board Recommendations

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Sokolov, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Good thing they only review shite games.
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  3. Sokolov

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    The most interesting part is "Game visuals promote incorrect values" for Overwatch. I have no idea what they could be referencing that isn't present in some of these other games.
  4. st3ck

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    It's funny because Tencent is bigger than facebook, Chinese, and major stakeholder/owner of several of the games on this list. The only thing that will likely happen is they'll touch up the cleavage and female skin showing and pat each other on the back about saving culture. I find it unlikely they'll successfully ban them, assuming the list is even factual.

    The ambiguity and English fails (inharmonious?) could just be chalked up to translator error from the Chinese source.
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    So what you’re saying is we need more tits in poxnora...

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