Could the flavortext for runes that were changed from their original designs be updated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by free20play, Jun 2, 2018.

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    For example like say Firestarter its flavor text says "Born in fire, they sap the will to fight from those around them with a dark magic still not understood".
    problem is this no longer makes any sense ever since Firestarter lost energy thief.
    Now I don't really care much for the rune and i've honestly never used it.
    But I just find it strange how the flavortext wasn't updated alongside during energy thief's removal. (maybe not alot of people cared too much at that time or were even aware when this happened)
    So i'm just wondering if one day we could have a mass QoL update fixing all these out of place flavortexts.
    If its not too much to bother with.
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    I bet this will happen. In fact, I would recommend holding your breath until its fixed.
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