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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Vorian, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    This will be an update for deck changes based on the meta.

    Skeles are back + Myx.

    What this means either Voil Glarewing, Hyaenid Dreamcrusher and or Cyclops ritualist x1-2 auto. Cyclops Ritualist is the hardest counter out of these 3 but Voil Glarewing seconds as a ranged tank...

    Calcified Lurker, Ancient Slag, Cyclops Stonecaller or Whirling Quarry are 1-2x auto.

    As far as Cleanse goes Cyclops Blastmage, Armoured Fesh, Hyaenid Witchdoctor or Bait and Switch are x1-2 auto.

    SP Decks need at least 4 75 nora power champs. The best ones are Arroyo Riftlord, Chaos Brave, Cyclops Stonecaller, Arroyo Riftwalker, Cyclops Mauler, Cyclops Rockshaper, RockCharger Warbeast, Whirling Quarry, Klub is auto, Kanen Slipped, Voil Stormspear, Aspect of Chaos, Cyclopean Warcart, Peaks Ifrit, Moga Cannon, Hyaenid Instigator. With Klub and Kanen Slipped you already have 2 expensive champs, then throw in 2 Moga Cannons and you have your minimum of 4, if you are on a budget... If stealth is your style you could run the Hyaenid Stalker.

    I would run a maximum of 10, and a minimum of 2. 5 is the ideal number for SP. When choosing one just consider what your deck really needs...
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  2. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    are skeles really back? have not seen them, but then ya cyclops ritualist is your best bet. but what do you mean blastmage for cleanse? generally i dont run cleanse (in champs), its only usefull to me if i can play it the turn after they used the debuff of some kind. so that basically always comes in spells/relics/equips wich sp does not have so i usually find it better to just deploy another champ... i mean we are sp after all

    i think this is what my meta deck would look like.

    but i dont play much meta, so i really have no idea
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  3. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    I would drop the Headshrinker for G'hern Soothsayer, because premonition is game winning.
  4. davre

    davre The Benevolent Technofascist

    One thing that you really need to be mindful of (and I do it as well) is that our brains are wired to remember amplitude over frequency. In the context of pox, if we see a 20n rune take out a 70n champion (a 50n swing in a very primitive sense) once out of 10 games but sit in the rune dock for the other 9 games (a 0n swing) while another rune in our deck is quietly providing a 7n swing every game, it feels more natural to deduce that the first rune is better because we can point to the game that it won.

    Of course, because most champions offer a suite of abilities, they can't really be reduced to a tidy dichotomy where you can easily say "this is a swingy champ and this is a steady champ" and use that to build out your deck, but you really need to be careful about recommending something because it's won some games for you.

    I had soothsayer in my sp meta deck for about a week before I switched it out for headshrinker, and I wonder if you have gone through the same process before making this recommendation. Overseer: moga is a sandbag in any deck that contains less than 1 g'hernbound moga. Having it on base negates the efficiency bonus you would have gained from loyalty. As a complete package, headshrinker fills the same role much more consistently and efficiently. I would not drop the Headshrinker for G'hern Soothsayer.
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  5. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    Show me what you guys got
  6. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Headshrinker is my detection champ of choice in pretty much all SP splits.

    Detection, good range, DOT, shrink. Nice.
  7. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    What do proper SP players think about Nubbin’s Pies? I like it in my splits.
  8. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    Its extremley iffy to me.

    for it to work you need to be able to bring that champ back into a safe position, and then use loads of ap to get around and get all the heals. just by value its nice with 50 hp heal for 30 nora, but it can be very hard to get off.

    i prefer staff of solstice, its not as much ap, it can heal for more, and also allows for divert
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  9. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    That’s what I thought when theory crafting, but in practice, I am playing a hyper aggressive split and getting lots of value. Plenty of immune/ eater/ damage reduction champs mean that the recovered HP are often worth ‘double’.

    In fact I stopped running Sac because I find the pies more useful for my BG style.

    I was even considering 2x but still just about favour Mika. It is actually a tough call for this particular BG.

    I tend to cast it to support early forward champs such as Bunnies with mobility who can dance around enemies, eat a couple of pies, attack once and activate scrapper. Then eat a couple next turn.

    Or on Immune X champs where the enemy has only a single champ out to counter that immunity.
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  10. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Yes. I was thinking staff on SotM, but just the huge spot heal of pies is great
  11. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    @Gnomes thanks for your help

    Very nice videos by the way.
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  12. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    the enemy can eat the pies too though thats why i dont usually play it forward, only after ive retreated

    and thanks!
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  13. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Interesting. I often play forward and then the enemy has to choose between attacking my now healed unit or using his own ap to eat pies or kill pies. Give it a whirl!
  14. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    What do you guys think of stonecaller vs calcified lurker?

    Both are there for shatter, but deviate a bit after that.

    lurker has reclaim as well as unstoppable and calcified for 69 nora
    and stonecaller has stone barrage tough 3(When not on cd) and empowerd def for 7def but 77 nora...

    so both are shatter options for sp and are secondary tanks. the lurker is quite a bit cheaper and has reclaim and i feel like that might be good vs all the relics, and stone barrage can be good for detection or for alt dmg
  15. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    I’m more of a UD guy but do play all factions. So my thoughts on SP are a bit limited...

    I like the lurker in full SP for the ruin plus shatter combo utility. I prefer to run such reactive champs as cheap as possible so would take it over the cyclops.

    It’s a bit like the Stitched Librarian in UD for shatter plus detection plus alt dam.

    In fact I haven’t seen that cyclops much so maybe I am missing an opportunity.
  16. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    What about sonic ele vs cyclops blast mage ?

    Chaos brave VS rockshaper ?

    caustic VS Crone VS Headshrinker

    lance in exchange of one of my mobile champs, i just think battleharden 3 is extreme +8 hp esp with my slag cohort

    Mauler VS kanen slipped
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  17. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Lol. You need an SP expert here!

    I take the Headshrinker in my ‘best’ SP UD deck. For the detection with range and utility.

    So I guess he’s my fave!
  18. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    ya, its more of a general question to all @davre @OriginalG1
  19. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty


    Current meta build.

    ill likely Edit and tweak. might make an SP meta guide.
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  20. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    i am still using
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