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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by panic, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. panic

    panic The King of Potatoes

    I want to know their playstyle and if hurler is good.
  2. MadLotar

    MadLotar The King of Potatoes

    Hurler hasn't been good since they nerfed it. I am just glad they gave Stonecaller back its stone barrage.

    I have a cyclops bg that I am working on, it revolves around ichor abilities. It is just too bad that Cyclops Shaman and Cyclops Ritualist are so incompatible.
  3. Laloo

    Laloo New Member

    Lol cyclops hurler is still one of the best sp runes, in cyclop bg he gets extra dmg and range, why wouldnt u want a rune that is 4-7 with improve range and almost 20 damage with knock 2?
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  4. MadLotar

    MadLotar The King of Potatoes

    LOL, you are being awfully generous with that set up. You are right though, SP doesn't have too many ranged 4-6 champs. Even if Hurler isn't OP anymore, he is still a decent 6 range champ for the cost. Right now I am using moga cannons, instead of hurler, since they are faster and more mobile.
  5. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    Clops playstyle is in chieftain flavor text.

    FF SP bg can't be bad by default, I currently run FW/SP zombozevenclops and they are also good.

    Hurler is 1x auto in ff but not auto in split imo.
  6. MadLotar

    MadLotar The King of Potatoes

    Here is mine, btw. Still working on but I've played it a couple of times. I probably need to rework the type of cyclops I have.!/deck/C98c7dChIC2HCwJChACiXctZCd5cgqcoKS3ts7Bs59r2YrOE2We2HE1-e1j

    Edit: I updated my cyclops, new one is below:!/deck/C98c7dChIC2HCwJChACiXctZCd5cgqcoKS3ts7Bs59r2YrOE2We2HE1-e1j

    Edit2: I've since changed the bg above since cyclops shaman doesn't really fit with the cyclops theme as well as the ritualist and I can't use shaman and ritualist in the same BG because of shaman's corrupted nora.
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  7. Paper Skull

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    Cyclops can be very map dependent because of their size. That being said they hit things really hard when they're set up right. Generally speaking, they're supported by non-cyclops runes to cover their weaknesses, particularly mobility and range.

    It's hard to budget them, because so many of their key runes are exotic or legendary. If that's not an issue, go for it, they're a lot of fun.

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