Djinn vs Arroyo

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  1. Vorian

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    Whose side are you on? The Arroyo look cooler but I am on the Djinns side because they are helping out the Hyaenids. The Djinn seem to have character, the Arroyo seem dull and boring character wise.
  2. OriginalG1

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    it is strange they share a faction if they hate each other. even stranger that they share synergy.
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  3. Nyanta

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    i think they share synergy because as the flavor text alludes to the Djinn and arroyo as elemental beings and unlike the other elements of pox where they came from is unknown(they were not made or created by each side and were relatively unknown until they appeared) and as the arroyo text states they want to end the war with the Dijnn or reach its climax. I think the arroyo and the dijjn are two halfs of the same coin while the dijjn represent the lands elements the arroyo represent the elements of the utterdark or elementals who have fallen to the utterdark. i think the dijnn and arroyo are in a stalemate or they are losing to the arroyo and their conflict has spilled into the conflicts of pox when the dijjn started to assist the peaks trying to tip the balance in their favor maybe hoping that by pushing the other factions back and strengthening the faction they have the closest connection to they could weaken the utterdark and grow stronger. later the the arroyo followed after them but for some reason they cant fully break into pox(as evident by the weaker arroyo being unable to fully form in pox and that it took them longer to appear). This is all merely speculation on my part i dont know the full story of pox or of the releases.
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  4. Vorian

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    Yeh maybe they will make an alliance somewhere down the line... Queen Eiheist has proven ingenious at uniting disparate factions so far, so maybe she might be able to broker a peace between the Arroyo and the Djinn adding both to her alliance... Personally I think the Peaks will ally with the Djinn, and not even the Arroyo will be able to withstand the combined cunning of the Peaks commanders and their unorthodox tactics... However there is the possibility Queen Eieheist will ally with the Arroyo seeing the Djinn and Hyaenids as a threat to the Voils rule...
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    jesus fkn christ vorian you really need to chill it with the useless posts
  6. chris0024

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    What is wrong with this post?
    Seems interesting to me and apparently to others as well.
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  7. profhulk

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    I too am interested. A few of Vorian's posts have merit and spark discussion. Often I see the Arroyo as part Ruubgaal's entourage since the undead voil king spent considerable time in the land of the Utterdark following his death at the hand of the Voil Queen. Ruubgaal's story line bound the Peaks to the Wastes. I believe the Arroyo, the Djinn, and Ruubgaal all have a common bond when it comes to their opposition of the backstabbing Eiist. The queen cares about her own self interests and really doesen't care who she kills or how many alts she needs to make to abuse tournaments until they are shut down. Oh wait my bad I think I mixed poxnora lore with real fcked up things that have happened to the game itself...... Oh my goodness. The tangled webs we weave.
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  8. Vorian

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    Queen Eieheist siding with the Djinn and King Ruubgaal siding with the Arroyo to try and take back the peaks for himself could make an interesting conflict! Serkan could be leading the Arroyo to try and take back the Forsaken Wastes and Ruubgaal also to try and take back the Shattered Peaks. Who is successful only Sok can decide!
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  9. Willow

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    haha! :'D 10/10 @defypain
  10. soulmilk

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    The Hyaenids were left to starve.
    They are only part of SP because of their location.
    The Exile saved them from starvation and then afterwards the Djinn showed up.

    The SP Empire is very suspicious about the Djinn's motives and why they are helping the Hyaenids.
    I don't believe The SP Empire will care if the Arroyo start hunting them down.

    I recommend to read the flavortext of all the Djinns.

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