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    Faction: Shattered Peaks
    Nora: 78
    Rarity: Rare
    Race: Dragon, Elemental
    Class: None
    Size: 2x2

    Damage: 11
    Speed: 6
    Range: 1-2
    Armor: 1
    HP: 47

    Attack: Electricity
    Electrocute: This champion has +7 damage if it attacks a champion that occupies water.
    Static Reflection: When this champion is damaged by a range attack, the attacking champion becomes Shocked 5.
    Electric Blast

    Upgrade 1:
    Storm Acolyte
    Lightning Skewer
    Electricity Aura 3

    Upgrade 2:
    Electricity Eater
    Amplify: Electricity
    Deflect: Electricity
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