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  1. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Any1 played or is excited to play DFO when released by Dnfneople?

    Since DFO was taken down by Nexon a few years ago, i was disappointed.
    I came into League and Tera and i was searching for new games to play.
    Now that i've settled into those games and nothing new is coming out till 2015, i have become anxious for a new game. However, i have criteria i need games to meet that alot of them don't. This had me reminiscing about old games i played.

    I use to play 2moons/Dekaron. One of my favorite games.
    Its outdated now and my account is compromised since they've upped security and changed hosts.
    So im not big on that struggle to get back on the Korean grind and my characters are weak for todays PvP.

    DFO crossed my mind. Then i remembered it was down.
    I started to think how much i enjoyed that game and missed it.
    I didn't play it on release so i was always behind.
    Now the original Korean developers have gotten the content from Nexon and are going to provide service in NA.
    It had an Alpha Test about 5months ago.
    Now im painfully waiting for the official release and they are just tantalizing and staving off release date questions with EXTRAS. Such as the new Voice Actor interview, the outsourcing of translating, a picture competition, and new art, and the creation of a new NPC using a sprite/avatar based on the creator of the game.

    All that stuff is great, but i just want the game out!!! lol
    I dont want to sound unappreciative, but its hard not being able to play a good game you miss.

    TL, DR:


    The practices going on and the emotion i feel for that game are much like Pox Nora.
    Im anxiously waiting to play them both.
    Difference is i can't physically play DFO, im waiting for its official release!
    I can play Pox, but im waiting for its official STEAM release!

    Tortured Soul
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    MEATMAN Forum Royalty

    that looks pretty dope, not gunna lie

    MEATMAN Forum Royalty

    going to have to wait for this steam release then and see if I an imagine up some friends to play with

    but i'll probably play alone
  4. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Im not sure if it will be released on steam.
    Dnfneople is trying to translate the game and develop it for NA.
    Nexon NA ****ed them, so they have alot to do.
    They are also retooling the game to be more up to date, better events, and less level walls.

    Fatigue system is being debated with a lean to not having one.
    Alot of other things are being updated and new content being added for the re release
  5. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Welp, CBT isnt until March 2015

  6. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Alpha???? Hmmmm, i think thats the thing i played for a bit. You get to keep your character (which i would of played instead of just logged in had i known) but you lose your gold and Alpha exclusive items/weps.

    Beta is open to everyone since we reached 40k likes.
    If we reach...50?? Maybe it was 60k, the games will be realeased with 2 new classes aswell.
  7. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Imma Roll with Avenger first (unless a cooler class is revealed on release, apparently there are two new)

    I have some people from a FB group im in that said they will be playing.
    I also migrated to Dark Blood for DF nostalgia and i have ppl there who are getting on DF aswell.

    So yea i got some crews to roll with.
    Ill PM u when the game launches
  8. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I used to play the crap out of Akamai Dofus. Was the 3rd highest level Cra on the first hardcore server.
  9. ShionNR

    ShionNR I need me some PIE!

    That's the only sin on this game, all the dungeons are pretty much soloable until "endgame"(lvl 70+).

    I can't wait to do like 90% of the playerbase and start a female knight character, I just don't know yet which job I'll take with her. I also hope they give some gear they promised so my Necromancer won't be useless.
  10. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Countin the days, countin the days!!
  11. HiveLord

    HiveLord I need me some PIE!

    Why do I feel like I played this like 5 years ago?
    I remember playing a little sorceress chick, wishing I could customize the character so I didn't look like all the other little sorceress chicks...
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  12. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing The King of Potatoes

  13. ShionNR

    ShionNR I need me some PIE!

    Necromancer/Defiler it's only OP in terms of fun to play with, which is enough for me. But yeah, I wish her "spammable" summons like zombies were stronger, but it's ok since Nicholas and Vallacre(his voice is too badass no matter what language pack you are using) are awesome. Too bad Necromancer is probably the only class with a bad awakening skill(Phantasm Storm).

    Also, I really tried to get into Summoner, I love playing summoning classes. The problem with her is that it just becomes way too boring to play with her, the summons aren't really smart so it was too slow to me. I didn't get into high level with her so that might change later.
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  14. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Fighting mechanics would piss me off
  15. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing The King of Potatoes

    Looks like the Necromancer summons a pretty anime boy who summons zombies, which die after hitting the enemy.
    That seems like an awkward "I got a guy for this" kinda way of doing things...
  16. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing The King of Potatoes

    Well, I just want to play the class that summons undead.
    It looks like Summoners summons pretty much everything but Undead. So not really interested in that.

    Necromancer still looks like my best bet, it just seems to have a very awkward system for handling the summons. Not directly doing it yourself, but instead summoning someone else who you still have to give commands to in order to have them summon the zombies seems unnecessarily awkward.
  17. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing The King of Potatoes

    Yeah, that would be the Nicholas summoning the zombies, not the player. It's kinda weird.
  18. ShionNR

    ShionNR I need me some PIE!

    Yes, Nicholas is the one summoning the zombies, but that isn't really an issue since you will always have Nicholas up, but yeah it is kinda weird not you doing the summoning. Also, Zombies's main purpose is to hold enemies since their damage is kinda lacking.

    I played Necromancer on alpha and never saw a fire hound summon, hopefully it's a new spell coming on this new version. And yeah, Necromancer's gameplay is totally about Vallacre, his AoEs are awesome, well Nicholas also has some nasty AoEs(which also holds the enemy), again I just feel sad about the Awakening skill.
  19. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    I dont think it summons a fire hound, i think DMr was confused by this youtube vid that has the Nec with a pet hound. Or at least i assumed it was a pet. It was Black and had fire on its legs.
    Didnt see it do anything (not that i was looking for it to), so im pretty sure it is a pet (purchasable in store/auction) and not a summon.
  20. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    Pretty sure full content is being released on Beta

    Except the new new classes in Korea like the female slayer. I dont think shes in it. or the female knight

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