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    I wanted to create a rune idea, as I like the wings, but as they need eachother big time, I thought I'd try to think of a rune that helps wings mainly.

    Name: Dwarven Tamer
    Rarity: Who am I to judge...
    Race: not sure yet
    Class: Ranger
    Flavor: Afraid of flight, but the big birds were his love.
    Nora: 70-75ish

    Speed: 5
    Range: 2-3
    Def: 1
    Hp: 42

    Champ abilities
    Basic Attack
    Summon Young Buck (5 ap, cd 4 or 5) OR Pet Young Buck
    Proc Sigil (I have no name for it) Target Sigil ability is activated. (cd 2)

    Upgrade Set 1
    Boost beast 1/2(standard)/3

    Upgrade Set 2
    Ensnare (though this might be removed from the game atm)
    Attack: Net (Standard)
    Grant mobility

    Young Buck (based on the wild griffin)
    Race: Beast
    Class: None
    Flavor: In need of guidance the young griffins were still a worth adversary
    Nora: 0

    Dmg: 5
    Speed: 6
    Range: 1
    Def: 0
    Hp: 24

    Champ abilities
    Attack: Physical
    Dwarf Bound
    Buck Sigil: (yes, the name is stupid) This champion gains running start

    Upgrade set 1
    Aerial Supremacy (standard)

    Upgrade set 2
    Rend 1/2 (standard)/3


    With boost beast this will be an asset to the theme wings.
    This rune would make Wings in extrawings bg proc their sigils and in doing so they will be more diversatile outside of wings bgs.
    Might be better suitable to be the Gronk Riders: Rider.

    Do we really want another summon rune. Swarms, we have aplenty.
    As boost is gonna be changed, but I dont know how I'll update it later.
    Might be more expensive than the wings themselves.
    Doesnt have anything to do except placement a large time of the game.

    This isnt finished or even remotely close to anything, but I would welcome some help with it :)

    I personally like the Young Buck more than the Tamer atm. It is a summon yes, but running start and dwarf bound make sure you will never make him run alone (impossibru as he is summoned, yes yes) and have to do more than just summon and throw him into battle as meat. They can become very powerful with buffs and if they fly.
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    Woop woop make it happen, make the grooming preview of the expansion this @Senshu, I dare you! :D
  3. Senshu

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    Well it seems like you already posted your preview of the rune, and until we finalize the runes for the expansion it is hard to say there isn't something similar or maybe we did the exact opposite. The summon is an interesting idea. Any particular reason why you would prefer a summon vs having it be a pet? :D
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  4. Iskandak

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    I posted this a few weeks before because I was looking a rune that supports the theme. And no, I hadnt considered a pet :O Awesome thought! Loving it!

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