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    tell me Super what is your opinion on international law that prohibits making people stateless and in the case of the UK/Bangladeshi woman do you think such people are better left supervised in the UK or left to make "plans" in Bangladesh?

    for the Netherlands it's simple, participation in a foreign warband is illegal, so jail and then find out what crimes they did in adittion to that.

    that Italian guy with the busted leg has already been sentenced to prison wich is where he will be for a while should he return to Italy.

    as for sleeper cells, wasn't that your initial fear in the 2016 refugee crisis? where you wanted to suspend basic human dignity and rights because you are scared something might happen in Europe while kids get shot in your schools on the reg?

    why didn't you name this thread: returning jihadi's? do you think no Americans travelled to the middle east? what a waste to make a thread about your fears and dissatisfaction with international law instead of imminent brexit
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    I am waiting for Extinctshun to come and tell super71 his opinion doesn't matter since he's not from Europe.
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    @Extinctshun mmmhh?
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    wanted to point out that this is an odd way to say "the place they were born and raised and are citizens of."
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    biggest threath the UK is currently facing:
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    Untill Trump`s USA take the same IS guys in, this is not really a topic is it?

    But facing reality Europe will probably take all who wants back, it gonna start with some Swedish purple haired lefties rallying the streets crying out for the IS fighters human rights, then Finland, Norway & Denmark will soon follow, so just to get them to shut up we agree to the weirdest stuff.

    So in reality taking some f.ed up IS back to civilisation is not at all far fetched.
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    Pfffffft, everyone regardless of political afilition say prison since you know, illegally joining a terorist organisation/army and war crimes and what have y0u. the common defense is "Yeah I joined Isis but I was in a non combat role cooking and stuff"

    now since the payment records of Isis have been shared with europe by the US and Isis pays more for combat roles and then there are the IS propaganda photos, area markers on photos and phone use ETC -> prison.

    americans that joined Isis also have to go back to the US, What are you advocating to be done to all american women who joined Isis who now want to return ? what about those that rat out their former allies for deals?

    Do you think All the nazis were killed in WW2? do you know how many deals were made?

    your fantasy of total annihilation has never been true of war.
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    Just let them sit there, i say as the girls, NO means NO!

    On the other hand, some of the most verbal extremes of IS(, and Taliban are already living in Norway under perfect living conditions, with more than enough money from a service that most ethnic Norwegians doesn`t get. He only got all this Norwegian money because he got a famous lawyer.

    If you remember the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, killing 77 people and blowing up a goverment building in 2011?

    One of the reasons he did what he did, was because he was angry how well we treated these extremist guys, he happened to go to school with this exact IS extremist linked above 20 years ago, and everyone was afraid of this Pakistani already then, with several serious violence sentences, several domestic violences, and a 100% evil guy. And yet with a great lawyer he get to be the victim, and Norway pays him money, for nothing.

    This Arfan guy, has more money from Norway than i have, and this guy has had those money everyone month in the last 20 years. And this is the reason Anders Behring Breivik did what he did, because he thought it unfair with all the ethnic Norwegians struggling with money, yet we give the most verbal extreme guy, and a guy with a very violent history, the strongest economical support, a support most Norwegians doesn`t get.
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    Okay lemme just contact the authorithies real quick on you there buddy.
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    Well Anders went to school with this IS terrorist, and he surprised more or less a nation with the information he had, it was to the point he had to be cencored.

    And back on topic, these IS guys are already here, they been here for years, they openly conspire against the west, yet they drive Audi`s and drink Coca-Cola.
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    A few years ago, this arfan guy driving around in Oslo city in his Audi, paving a huge black IS flag out the window.

    Almost monthy python like funny.
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    so basically:
    a person who builds a bomb and detonates it and kills a bunch of kids for not being the same political afiliation = ok
    guy being a hypocrite driving around being dumb = not ok

    lright then. sounds like a norwegian problem and they're not even in Europe
    this is Europe :
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    Fixed it for ya!
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    Sounds like a Norwegian problem where you guys havn't figured out your Bane Shift.

    hardly a Europe level problem. nd you are not a part of Europe anyway so meh :p
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    Dude as i said in the first post, this Bane Shift start with the Swedes, they are notorious. Aren`t Sweden in EU?

    When the Swedes start this "human rights above everything logical" it spreads among the neighbour countries. So here in Norway we ended up harbouring this guy

    He has the death penalty over him for war crimes against the curds, he has repeatedly threats to the Norwegian goverment, the USA had plans for a Osama bin Laden style helicopter raid into Norway to get this guy but unlike Pakistan Norway has to deep diplomatic roots, so he doesn`t face conceqences for his actions, because he face death penalty and tortur, Norway refuse to hand him over, even though his organisation is responsible for over 4000 kurdis deaths.

    Also these Scandinavian countries tries to be the opposite of the women surpressing middle east states, and to prove a point we do stuff this weird way just to piss some other states off. Oddly it seems to give us some leverage.

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