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    tell me Super what is your opinion on international law that prohibits making people stateless and in the case of the UK/Bangladeshi woman do you think such people are better left supervised in the UK or left to make "plans" in Bangladesh?

    for the Netherlands it's simple, participation in a foreign warband is illegal, so jail and then find out what crimes they did in adittion to that.

    that Italian guy with the busted leg has already been sentenced to prison wich is where he will be for a while should he return to Italy.

    as for sleeper cells, wasn't that your initial fear in the 2016 refugee crisis? where you wanted to suspend basic human dignity and rights because you are scared something might happen in Europe while kids get shot in your schools on the reg?

    why didn't you name this thread: returning jihadi's? do you think no Americans travelled to the middle east? what a waste to make a thread about your fears and dissatisfaction with international law instead of imminent brexit
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    I am waiting for Extinctshun to come and tell super71 his opinion doesn't matter since he's not from Europe.
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    @Extinctshun mmmhh?
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    wanted to point out that this is an odd way to say "the place they were born and raised and are citizens of."
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