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    I pretty much know every faction bonus but I was having a hard time remembering what was the font bonus (especially after they have been changed and I don't play each faction evenly).

    I looked on the site and searched the forums but could not find the info.

    Is there a place that list them or can you tell me what they are ?
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    You can always see when you are playing the game, just click in the shrine and/or font that you want to know the bonus. But for simplificate:
    UD: 2 fire dmg on entering, and per turn inside.
    FW: dead magic zone in all font spaces.
    SL: give one more rank to regen for ally units inside font/shrine zone.
    SP: spell resist 50% for some turns (3 if I'm not wrong).

    KF: mobility for 3 turns (if I'm not wrong).
    FS: regen 2HP each turn.
    IS: can't deploy oposite relics inside the font/shrine zone.
    ST: +1DMG on shrine/font zone for ally units.
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    SP also provides +1 defense. I'm unsure on how accurate this is, but I believe all buff-type shrine zones trigger at the start of the owner's turn and persist for 3 turns.
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    Yeah, I forgot about he +1dfs... And It last for 4 turns, so, will trigger in the owner's turn, and fo for more 3 turns ^^
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