FW Lims? Where did they come from?

Discussion in 'Rune Trading' started by yobanchi, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    Just a shout out if anyone has any of the following FW Lim Runes or how you got them, if they are tradeable etc?

    Angel of Death - The one with the glow
    Demon Lich - the gold one
    Moragen the Lost - grey one
    Vindrax - wth? didn't even know he was in FW
    Xulos Undead Sage - the one with the grey
  2. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    They're not released yet.
  3. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    Apart from the Demon Lich, they aren't available yet (as far as I'm aware, at least). The Demon Lich is the same as the UD version though, it's just a split rune now.
  4. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    In that case anyone have one of those demon liches?
  5. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    yeah i was pretty annoyed at having to shell out for a gold demon lich to finish my collection too haha. i think the vindrax being FW is a misprint though and aside from that i'm pretty sure they're probably planned as some kind of promotion deal.
  6. warhead111

    warhead111 The King of Potatoes

    gold lich on trader
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  7. skix21

    skix21 The King of Potatoes

    in the earlier days when SOE was the owner before desertowl get the game back LE's are effin worth 15k gold at the rune manager the time that forge is not available yet and you can have LES craft now desert owl took it down for better reasons I guess all i have are LE carrionling, and executioner

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