Gold generation stopped?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Lacapi, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Lacapi

    Lacapi Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Since what looks to be a server wide disconnect about an hour ago, i can no longer generate gold through matches and dailies. The end of game screen looks the same and adds the gold, but it's never gained in-game or on the site. I have tried relogging several times. A few players in the guild had not noticed it, so it might not have happened to everyone.

    It might be some temporary delay to uppdate the amount, but I was adviced to add it in here just in case.
  2. Auronzwei

    Auronzwei The King of Potatoes

    I have the same issue.

    Tried it both with downloaded client and with Steam client, both at game's end gave correct gold/champs for skirmish completions but nothing was credited to actual account.

    Missing about 1500 gold and 3-4 runes on account of this from daily challenge completion and some additional testing.

    So much for buying a box today...
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  3. Steelation

    Steelation New Member

    Same issue here.

    When I noticed all my daily bonuses not showing up after completion, I thought it must be server lag or such and gave it some time.
    But an hour after, I still see no update to my missing gold. Even ran a skirmish and its the same story.

    Havent checked with the skirmish rune rewards, but probably even those got hit.
  4. Liion

    Liion Well-Known Member

    Same here, I have done several Skirmishes and I don't get the cards either.
  5. kaion1994

    kaion1994 New Member

    me too . what's this bug ?
  6. Nyanta

    Nyanta I need me some PIE!

    im also having the same problem no gold or rewards from games
  7. lungz421

    lungz421 Member

    same issue here, very frustrating
  8. Muddled

    Muddled Member

    also, i got an arctic delegate for a reward and it never showed up. and the gold
  9. Irzu

    Irzu New Member

    I haven't been monitoring my gold, so I am uncertain if that hasn't been granted (will endeavor to watch it now though) but after Skirmishes I haven't been receiving the rune rewards (missed out on a Deep Elf Fanatic too, le sigh). Don't know about PvP, because I don't do PvP.
  10. slabgar

    slabgar Well-Known Member

    I ran into the same problem last night.
  11. Necronson

    Necronson New Member

    Yeah I've got the same problem.
  12. Chemical22

    Chemical22 I need me some PIE!

    Yep. Still no gold as of today for dailies. I'mma poor :(
  13. CTore118

    CTore118 Well-Known Member

    I did way too many bot matches to figure this out. No clue how much I lost. At least the 600 from daily quest and 700 from achievements plus a couple legendary quests. Maybe about 2k in all. Will we get this back??
  14. Paco Blue

    Paco Blue New Member

    Wanted to be playing , but without receiving the runes and gold do not have conditions...
  15. jvne

    jvne Well-Known Member

    same issue happening to me
  16. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    This is a game wide issue regarding in-game reward fulfillment. Our engineer is looking into the cause and a fix for the problem.
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  17. CTore118

    CTore118 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the acknowledgement!
  18. CTore118

    CTore118 Well-Known Member

    Senshu, if I keep playing will I eventually get the gold I am owed? I have the day off but I don't want to do dailies and achievements now if it won't even matter.
  19. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    That is something we can not answer until this problem is resolved.
  20. Paco Blue

    Paco Blue New Member

    I see that it will take ... I will play another game in that time ... :(

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