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  1. contemplation

    contemplation New Member

    So i just started the game and i'm craving to play with skeles
    Can't access poxbase (just get redirected to a server hosting website) so i really need help building a skele deck specially with the non-champion runes...

    stuff i have right now are Tomb Lord, Utterdark Voidhowler, Grekin, Boneguard Infantry and Bonemauler.

    Any tips on where to go from here?
  2. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    poxbase is unfortunately dead. Create a post in the forsaken wastes faction forums asking for skeleton help, as it turns out there isn't any skele thread that is up to date with clean useful relevant information.

    For right now though. xulos undead sage, skeletal reaper, skeletal excavator, boneshredder, cloak of skulls, stitched skeleform, bone mine and blackblade baron are some runes you should look for
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  3. contemplation

    contemplation New Member

    Will do. Thankyou for your kindness.
  4. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    why not use poxbox?
    trade all you want all day long :)

    but hurry up, it will probably explode when the new client is released.
    And dont forget to include the bronze token in your trades.
  5. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    play the fw tutorial. in the free skele deck you get is even a baron :)

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